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Alison Job holds a BA English, Communications and has extensive experience in writing that spans news broadcasting, public relations and corporate and consumer publishing. Find her at Google+.

Venture Capital Definition

In order to come up with a venture capital definition that makes sense, we need to differentiate between venture capital funding and traditional funding.

(Slideshow) Top 10 Self-Help Books of All Time

10 Books to read if you are looking to further yourself in both life and business.

Create An Operational Plan

You probably have a business plan, but you need an operational plan to define your business’s day-to-day operations.

Create A Business Action Plan

Whether it’s in your professional life or your personal life, without an action plan your goals may remain mere pipe dreams.

SWOT Analysis Examples

It’s not necessary to hire an expert to do a SWOT analysis for your business, you can quite easily do it yourself after checking out a few SWOT analysis examples online.

SWOT Analysis Samples

Spending time reviewing various SWOT analysis samples can help you structure your SWOT analysis for maximum efficacy.

(Slideshow) Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Do yourself a favour and make sure that you see these movies.

Free Job Description Template Download

A job description is a list that a person might use to describe the general tasks, functions and responsibilities inherent in a position. It defines a person’s role within the company as well as his or her accountability.

Competitor Analysis Example

You can’t do business without carrying out a competitor analysis, examples of which can be found online. We tell you how.

Are You Limiting Your Business?

Perception creates reality. Are your self-limiting thoughts getting in the way of your business success?
Success-Summit-2014-Business Events-Entrepreneur Today

Make 2014 the Year You Truly Arrive!

Be a first rate version of yourself – Greg Secker.
DriveMotion-Product-Funky-Marketing-Cool Business

(Slideshow) Marketing on the Move

Now you can spread your marketing message while you’re on the move.
SAB-KickStart-Entrepreneur Today

SAB Kickstart Finalists Create 68 Jobs

Youth entrepreneurship competition finalists create more than 60 jobs in 2013.
Dragons-Den-South-Africa-BBC-Entrepreneur Today

Lessons from the Dragons

Dragons’ Den Series 10 on BBC Entertainment – what lessons can entrepreneurs take away from episode two?
Free-Internet-Microsoft Online Hub-Entrepreneur Today

Free Internet – for a Year

A year’s free internet for SA’s small businesses.
Strange-Office-Buildings-Cool Offices

(Slideshow) Bizarre Buildings

From a germ-free building to one built in a bomb shelter, we take a look at some of the strangest yet functional buildings around the world.

China Sourcing Fair 2013

Find out more about doing business with China.

Local Gaming App Crawls into Top 100

Garden snail proves popular with gamers.

Celebrating Township Entrepreneurs

A new breed of business leaders will be celebrated at eKasi Entrepreneurship Week.
Chef-Benny-Masekwameng-Celebrity Entrepreneurs-Cool Buiness

(Slideshow) Chef Benny Masekwameng: A Master of His Trade

This key player in the latest season of MasterChef South Africa is an accomplished chef with a finger in several pies.


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