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Andrew Bahlmann is quickly becoming recognised as a CORPRENEUR™ that is successfully increasing his clients’ ‘Profit per Minute’. With a background in sales, marketing and finance, he introduces his clients to new and innovative ways to sustainably extract more out of their businesses and people. Andrew’s experience consists of running his own destination management business to looking after the sales and marketing balance sheet of R114 billion at WesBank as that portfolio’s CFO. He is also the founder of Visit, or email

How do I calculate the price I could sell one of my businesses/branches for?

There are many ways to value a business and it will depend on the type of business that you have.
No-Funding-Funding-Problems-Launch-Starting a Business

So You Cannot Secure Funding….So What!

That’s no excuse not to move forward.

How do I stay positive in negative times?

Don’t let a tough year get you down, keep your head up and move forward.

6 Things That Make Entrepreneurs Unique

Just when you think it can’t get any worse… doesn’t.

Taking On the Goliaths

Targeting SMEs: The new land of opportunity (and margins) for large corporates
Business-Lessons-Business-Failure-Business Success

Seven Life Lessons for Start-Up Success

Make your own light at the end of the tunnel.

Lead Your Business From the Front Line

Generals led their armies from the front during war. As a business leader, are you doing the same?

Reach for the Dream: Real Business Growth at Your Fingertips

Take your business to the next level! But do you even know what your next level is?

How to Lose Customers and Not Influence People

Are you guilty of losing touch with your customers? Has the world moved on without you noticing? Here’s how to get your business back on track.


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