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Basil O’Hagan
Basil O’Hagan is the founder of both O’Hagan’s and The Brazen Head. Today, he runs Basil O’Hagan Marketing, which serves chains, independent operations and small family businesses, pinpointing and overcoming problems through proven neighbourhood marketing solutions.
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Want To Leave Customers Grinning And Vowing To Return? Do The Following

These five quick tips will keep your customers coming back for more.

How To Drive Customer Referrals

People are reluctant to burden their friends with a hard-sell salesman, so they will only refer when they are really impressed with your service.

Great Service At Entry Level

Sometimes in our country you find great customer service at the lowest rung on our economy.
paarl petrol station

On The Forecast With His Troops

A Cape garage owner leads by example.

Your First Impression Shouldn’t Be Your Last

How do customers view their experience with you?

7 Steps To Optimise Your Cycle Of Customer Service

Anticipate what your next contact moment will be with your customer, plan for it and train staff to be up to speed.

Show Me The Funny

It’s a risk trying to be funny in your customer communications, because it muddies your message and if you aren’t actually funny, it becomes a double fail. But some businesses are able to nail it.

The Worst Restaurant In The World And Why We Loved It

Almost any barrier is surmountable when you’re offering quality products, great value and sincere human connections.

How To Distinguish Yourself By Being The Fastest

In a competitive landscape, it’s often the quickest respondents who win the day.

When It Comes To Customer Care – Don’t Be Good, Be Awesome

Customer service is pointless if you are anything less than absolutely awesome.

Why Your Service Should Be Awesome

The benefits of delivering exceptional service are many.

Respect Your Customer’s Time and Space

If you believe the adage that you’re here to serve your customer, you need to live that belief throughout your organisation.

Don’t Just Innovate, Imitate

Sometimes the biggest successes come from the margining of existing ideas to create something new.

Don’t Give The Customer What They Ask For

It sounds counter-intuitive, but sometimes you need to give your customers what they need, not what they asked for.

9 Top Customer Service Turnoffs That Are Chasing Away Your Sales

Let’s imagine you own Buscemi’s, a pizza-delivery service. Now think about your business, how these principles apply to you, and how you can avoid these types of customer service turnoffs.

1 Simple Rule To Avoid Bad Client Relationships

It’s simple. There’s a formula to great customer service; you and your team just have to follow it.

You’re The Boss, So Be The Boss

Do you sit in the back office, hoping your staff will do right by the business, or do you lead by example?

Good Customer Service Is About Relating At The Same Level

From making a connection to upselling, the ability to relate to your customer’s needs and preferred way of doing business are vital components of exceptional customer service — and developing loyal clients.

The Customer Crisis In SA (And Why It’s Your Next Best Opportunity)

Customer service in South Africa is at an all-time low. The good news is that this offers your company an unprecedented opportunity to rise above the competition.

How To Create Good Vibrations In Your Store So Customers Will Shop More

Create a pleasant and energetic environment, and you’ll find that both your staff and your customers tend to be happier.


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