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Carl Bates is a global entrepreneur, speaker, author, mentor and director. Currently based in South Africa, he is a dynamic entrepreneur from New Zealand who guides small to medium businesses to achieve Extreme Business Success.

Is It Always Your Way Or The Highway? Why It’s Time To Leave Your...

Don’t let your ego loom larger than your business. If you’re serious about success, there’s no place for ego in the boardroom.

Just Because You Attended The Board Meeting Doesn’t Mean Your Job Is Done

One of the myths of a high-performance director is that the time you spend in the boardroom is the beginning and end of your role as a director.

Be A Proactive Director, Instead Of Making Excuses For Poor Performance

Times are tough, but that’s when real leaders put their heads together, get to work, and lead. This is no time for excuses.

The Tools You Need To Drive Success

Successful directors engage powerfully and purposefully. They can see all the angles, and plan accordingly. They’re masters at finding and implementing solutions that suit the specific situation at hand. And they grow exceptional businesses as a result.

What You Need To Know Before Transitioning From Business Owner To Director

What does it mean to be a high-performance director? If you want to scale your business, you need the skills that come with this level of responsibility.

Are You A Calibrator?

As the epitome of a Calibrator, Marissa Mayer is meticulously focused on building a better system — a standout of her achievements at Google. However, her challenges at Yahoo highlight what happens when a Calibrator is left unchecked by a balanced team — trying to solve people and culture issues with rules and systems.

Who Is The Conductor In Your Business Orchestra?

If you need a razor-sharp eye for detail and the ability to unlock value, bring a Conductor on board.

How To Maximise Real Returns For Your Shareholders

When you are both a shareholder and a manager of a company, it is all too easy to forget that, as a director, you have a responsibility to deliver returns and create value for your shareholders.

How Well Will Your Business Really Do? Here’s How You Can Predict Your Performance

Predict and track your business’s future performance. Here’s how.

How To Make Incremental Changes For Long-Term Growth

Growing, accumulating and developing assets and resources is the core contribution of the Cultivator leadership personality.

Why High Energy Leaders Need A Custodian To Create Balance

High energy leaders are often balanced by a more grounded and supportive personality, like the foundation of a team, the Custodian.

Find Out If You’re A ‘Connector’ Leader Who Inspires Your Team

Leaders who are Connectors inspire and sustain the natural energies of their teams.

How The Motivator Ignites Greatness

Leaders with a natural coaching style uplift their teams, bringing out the best in their employees.

Got The Eye of The Tiger? How To Lead Like A Champion

Champion personalities inspire organisations and customers to follow them anywhere.

A Catalyst Can Transform Your Board

Catalysts excel at getting something going with energy, and are often found starting new businesses, leading a new project or taking an existing project into its next big step. And they’re essential for your business.

Contributing In The Boardroom

If you want to get the most from your board, you need to know how each person likes to make an individual contribution.

Understanding Leadership And Natural Energy

Want your board to make a true contribution to your operation? You need board members who are focused and engaged. And the key lies in understanding their natural energy.

How To Create A Focused Board

Do your board meetings tend to be a bit of a waste of time? Here’s how to maximise the value of a board meeting.

Giving Your Board A Focus

You’ve created a board for your company. Now what? Here’s how to give your newly-founded board some focus and direction.

How To Select A Highly Effective Board

One of the most challenging aspects of implementing governance is the selection of the right directors for your board.


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