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Daniella Shapiro is Founder and CEO of, a consulting company on the front lines of marketing, social media and branding strategies. Breakthrough blurbIT™ platform content creator, Daniella is constantly innovating new ways of pioneering brand communications and creatively formed connections. Daniella recently launched the Oolala Collection Club, an E-commerce platform, which fuses high-end luxury beauty and lifestyle brands with affordability and accessibility. Soon to be hosting a number of Oolala takeovers, Daniella is no stranger to trending events. With a BA degree in Marketing Communications and an Honours Degree in Brand Leadership, Daniella owned and organised the Bonita's City2City Marathon for 3 years. Previously, a Co- Host on CliffCentral & contributor to PowerFM, Daniella has been featured on CNBC Africa, in Destiny Magazine's top 40 successful business women of the year 2015, in Entrepreneur Magazine and, is currently a regular expert contributor to the Entrepreneur Magazine Online platform. Website:

How To Go From Burnout To Breakthrough

The journey to success comes with failure and more failure. You can either cry about it, or overcome it. The choice is yours.

Attention: The New Consumer Currency

Spendthrift customers are unwilling to part with their attention absent the CX factor.

Have You Fallen Off The New Year’s Resolution Wagon Already?

Stop lounging around the house 'waiting for things to happen'... make it happen this year.

Right Here. Right Now. How Marketing Is Evolving

How’s the social media landscape evolving in 2017?

How To Engage With Your Customers On Snapchat (Based On Their Location)

These overlays can be added by users to their snaps when they are at your brand's locations.

Top Tips To Sway Your Customers On Snapchat

You can then go on to use your custom Snapcode to print out scannables like stickers! This can help promote your brand during events and increase following.

What Millennials Want From 2017 – How To Stay Ahead Of The Trend Curve

Eco conscious, needing just the right amount of community time and yet exclusivity, we seek connections with our brands.

Snapchat Is The New Shakespeare

Make it snappy – how to quickly extend your reach to potential client base.

Milestones In Multi-Sensory Marketing

How to keep a personal touch in an AI world (and how, ironically, AI can help you with that too).


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