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Diana Albertyn
Diana completed a BA in Journalism in 2010 and for the past six years has honed her skills as a newspaper reporter, senior communications specialist and most recently worked at a weekly magazine as a writer. She joined the EMTS Group in 2016 as a writer for Entrepreneur magazine and SmartCompany Networks. Passionate about honing her writing skills and delivering exceptional client results, Diana continues to keep a finger on the pulse of industry news and insights.

21 Choices Millionaires Make That You Aren’t Making But Should Be

Besides thinking differently, you have to work harder to achieve the kind of financial success you’re after. These millionaire tactics can help you.

What Made Minuteman Press Hot Off the Press

Q&A: Becoming the world’s biggest print franchise has taken Minuteman Press 21 years and its unique approach to franchising will keep growing its almost one thousand-store footprint even further.

3 Ways to Attract Discerning Customers to Your Fast Food Outlet

Fast food isn’t for everyone, but adding choice, convenience and nutritional value to your menu could widen your customer scope.

How PRIMI is Innovating to Survive in the Competitive Pizza Industry

Your customers are evolving and the only way to keep them is to keep up.

Vital Insights You Must Consider To Keep Up With Your Consumers’ Needs

Creativity and convenience are the key ingredients to keep your customers interested in what you’re selling.

5 Local Franchises Making It Big Abroad – And Key Lessons For You

While international brands continue to flood the local market, South African franchises are also gaining popularity and market share overseas.

Fast, Casual, Fresh – Why Buying Into This Dining Trend Could Be Worth Your...

Fast-casual dining isn’t new, but it’s gaining popularity. Fast food outlets and restaurants on the other hand are experiencing a dip in comparison.
The Daily Coffee Café

How The Daily Coffee Café Is A Cup Above The Rest

Adriaan de Bruyn’s love of frequenting coffee shops led him to open his own. In just under two years, The Daily Coffee Café has multiplied into 14 stores. It’s not just the coffee that makes these destinations popular.

Is It Time To Franchise Your Successful Business?

All businesses that exist today started as just one store. You too can branch out to household name status.

How The Old Way Of Running Your Franchise May Be Stunting Its Growth

There’s strength in numbers, and your franchisees are the partners you need to grow bigger and better.

How To Make Money While Making A Difference

Learn from what these franchises are doing to create jobs, skilled staff and future entrepreneurs.

3 Factors That Could Get You The Best Franchise Deal

You’re sure about becoming a franchisee – but how do you pick a franchise that’ll make you money?

This 13 Year Old Chicken Farmer Is Getting Right What Most Adult Entrepreneurs Aren’t

There’s a lot you can learn from this 13-year-old business owner who has traded the playground for chicken coops.


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