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Diana Albertyn
Diana completed a BA in Journalism in 2010 and has honed her skills as a newspaper reporter, senior communications specialist and most recently worked at a weekly magazine as a writer. She joined the EMTS Group in 2016 as a writer for Entrepreneur magazine and SmartCompany Networks. Passionate about honing her writing skills and delivering exceptional client results, Diana continues to keep a finger on the pulse of industry news and insights.

Savvy Sales Skills To Grow Your Franchise Footprint

Finding your first few franchisees was a win, but getting more on board isn’t going to be without its challenges.

Why Digital Isn’t Enough To Attract (And Keep) Every Customer

Social media accounts, apps and online assistance (hello chatbots) are good for keeping up with the connected consumer. But what about those who value old school engagement? Are you leaving them by the wayside?

Unlock Franchise Success: Do You Know What Your Customers Really Want?

How satisfied are your customers – both with the industry and your brand specifically? The answer could mean a big win or huge loss for your business.

Deadly Discounts: 3 Reasons To Manage Your Customers’ Expectations

Discounting may draw customers to your franchise locations in droves, but is it a sustainable tactic to keep them coming back?

Start A Service Franchise: Cash In On These 3 Successful Models

If you thought all the money was in fast food, think again. Consider switching your focus to a service franchising as a profitable business investment.

Vital Considerations To Keep In Mind Before Launching Your App

How are you making it easier for consumers to shop with you? If you’re finally joining the app club, read this first.

Get Into Your Franchisees’ Good Books: 4 Ways To Communicate Better

Build a better relationship with your franchisees to avoid conflict and strengthen your brand.

3 Innovative Tactics To Thrive Through The Consumer Evolution

Consumers’ needs are changing fast. How is your franchise adapting?
Making A Difference

How To Make Money While Making A Difference

Learn from what these franchises are doing to create jobs, skilled staff and future entrepreneurs.

3 Questions You Should Answer ‘Yes’ To Before Franchising Your Business

So, you’re ready to turn your successful independent business into a franchise. But, here are a few variables to consider before you embark on building a franchise empire.
Bill Gates

The 50 Richest People In The World

Tech moguls, retail giants, heirs and heiresses, and entertainment powerhouses are coining it. Here’s what’s inspired the world’s top billionaires, most of whom are self-made.

Multiply Your Success: 3 Reasons To Become A Multi-Unit Franchisee

Two is better than one. But three or four? Even better. Your current location is a roaring success – maybe you should invest in more franchises within your network.
Ethiopia Pizza Hut

Here’s Why Ethiopia Is Pizza Hut’s Latest Investment

While it hasn’t been on many franchise’s radars as a fast food destination, Ethiopia is quietly becoming an attractive investment for major restaurant chains.

“Should I Look Into An Established Or Emerging Franchise?” – 3 Factors To Consider

Choosing a winning franchise is crucial for your first big business investment. You need to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of sticking to a recognised name or investing in a trendy newcomer.

What You Need To Start Saving Each Month In Your 20s To Retire With...

It’s going to take a lot more than you thought to retire as a millionaire. So it’s best to start now, in your twenties.
Second-Hand Goods Market

Cash In On South Africa’s Burgeoning Second-Hand Goods Market

You don’t have to open a thrift shop to attract the millennial consumer. They’re attracted to bargains from stores you may have turned your nose up to as investment options – second-hand shops and online marketplaces.

4 Franchise Site Selection Tips To Find The Perfect Home For Your Business

Setting up shop in the right locations can determine your franchise network’s success or failure. But knowing the right spot to choose is easier said than done when you’re new to franchising.

4 Ways You Can Use Social Media As A Customer Engagement Tool

Sure, social media’s a great marketing tool – but you may be missing out on its best use yet.

21 Choices Millionaires Make That You Aren’t Making But Should Be

Besides thinking differently, you have to work harder to achieve the kind of financial success you’re after. These millionaire tactics can help you.

What Made Minuteman Press Hot Off the Press

Q&A: Becoming the world’s biggest print franchise has taken Minuteman Press 21 years and its unique approach to franchising will keep growing its almost one thousand-store footprint even further.


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