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Dirk Coetsee is the Co-Founder of BPD Business, a full service B2B company providing services ranging from Marketing and Advertising to Strategic plans and training on the execution thereof. Email Dirk here:

Paddy Upton: People Centred Coaching

Paddy Upton has worn numerous ‘labels’ in his career, such as Business coach, Cricket coach, Mental conditioning coach, and High-performance coach.

Manie Spoelstra On Why Negotiation Is The Genesis Of Entrepreneurship

The Manie Spoelstra Interview with his advice on negotation.

Managing Resistance To Change: An Essential Management And Leadership Skill

Entrepreneurs and companies that are change adept are best equipped to successfully deal with the ever challenging and transforming business environment that we operate companies within.

Huizemark: Rapid Growth Through Technology And By Being People Centred

In answer to a question concerning Huizemarks’ culture, Bryan Biehler spoke passionately about this industry leaders’ exceptionally innovative and people centred approach and the writer believed every word he said.

Communication: The Glue That Holds Business Together

To highlight the dramatic impact that Communication can have on the performance of companies, sports teams, nations and Entrepreneurs think on the following.

Lead From Where You Are

The roadmap of entrepreneurship starts with a great idea of a desired future state.
Jocko Willink

How To Conquer Your Fear Of Becoming an Entrepreneur By Being Disciplined

Dirk Coetsee shows you have to become disciplined in the art of entrepreneurship.

Women Who Lead: Bonnie Cooper And Esna Colyn On Wearing The Mantle Of Leadership

Recently I had the privilege of speaking to two inspirational leaders who happen to be women. Here is what Bonnie Cooper and Esna Colyn shared on wearing the mantle of leadership.

Why Your Business Culture Eats Business Strategy For Breakfast (And How You Can Improve...

Here are three key principles that current and past masters of culture have applied to help build and sustain a successful culture.

Sorbet’s Ian Fuhr: Servant Leadership Personified

Ian Fuhr the founder of Sorbet and serial entrepreneur is the embodiment of servant leadership.

Leadership: A Potent Combination Of Strategy And Character

Business leadership and the love of a brand with John Nicolakakis, CEO of Roman’s Pizza.


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