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Ed Hatton
Ed Hatton is the owner of The Marketing Director and has consulted to and mentored SMBs in strategy, marketing and sales for almost 20 years. He co-authored an entrepreneurship textbook and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to succeed.

It’s Vital To Your Business Success: How To Manage Your Budget Better

Should I take budgeting seriously, and what can it do for me?

Exactly How Involved Should You Be In Your Business’s Sales?

As the owner of a growing business, how actively should you be involved in the sales process?

How To Keep Your Sales Staff Focused On The Future

How do you keep sales people motivated when clients aren’t spending?

What Should You Cut First When Times Are Tough?

Times are tough, sales are down, is marketing the best way to spend scarce cash?

How You Can Make Those Sales When Nobody’s Buying (Yes It’s Do-able)

Buyers are scarce and highly selective. How do you get a share of their business?

Choosing Which Channel To Take A Chance On

You face many choices of how best to get your products and services sold, but which channel will achieve the best returns for your business?

The Importance Of Brand

The issue of ‘brand’ is often discussed these days, but what does the concept actually mean for the average SME?

‘Business As Usual’ Could Ruin You

As times get increasingly tough, strategic thinking becomes ever more important. Sticking to ‘business as usual’ and doing nothing can end in disaster.

The Secret To Managing Hidden Expenses

How do you go about managing these hidden (and unexpected) costs?

Who’s Doing The Driving In Your Business?

Looking at long-term strategy when day-to-day task demand your attention is hard. Here’s why so many strategies fail to deliver.

How Turrito Networks Went From Zero To R50 Million In Four Years

How did Brian Timperley and Louis Jardim from ICT start-up Turrito Networks manage to go from zero to R50 million in four years? By not by trying to be all things to all customers. Instead, they decided to focus on a very specific niche.

Customer Base Or New Business?

How should you deploy sales and marketing resources to ensure the best returns?

How A Resource Focus Can Improve Performance

Be wary of spreading yourself too thin. Not all leads are worth pursuing. It’s actually often better to narrow your focus.

How To Hit Your Sales Targets

Your company consistently makes sales target, but only with real effort and ingenuity. You set targets that continually stretch you and your people to greater heights and these targets are almost always met or just exceeded. Congratulations, you are running a near ideal company.

Turn your Company into a Sales Machine

It is in the interests of any employee to do anything they can to ensure the business makes sales, or at least not put sales at risk. So why are companies not using all their employees to garner sales?

Dealing With Sales Disputes

Despite what the old adage says, the customer isn’t always right. But then again, neither are employees and sales people. So how does one deal with sales disputes in a firm yet respectful manner?

Has Your Product Fallen into the ‘Unique’ Trap?

Does ‘unique’ mean it will make millions for you? Don’t be so sure.

Transform your Business into a Rocketing Sales Machine

Turn your whole company into an enthusiastic unit that aids and promotes your sales.

Landing That One Giant Deal

The opportunities and risks of landing the biggest deal ever.

Pirate Captains Don’t Scrub their Decks, and You Shouldn’t Either

Entrepreneurs work hard but should get the balance right.


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