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Greg Tinkler
Greg Tinkler is a serial entrepreneur and owner of the Cre8tive Group, one of SA’s top brand activation and marketing agencies. He has launched many of SA’s top sports supplement & pharmaceutical brands from start-up to multi-million rand brands.

5 Apps To Simplify Running Your Business When You’re Managing It Alone

Running an SME has never been easier with apps engineered to make your business smarter, more efficient and productive.
sales and marketing staff management

5 Strategic Ways Your Sales And Marketing Teams Need To Collaborate

If your sales and marketing teams work together instead of against each other, you’ll not only build a winning brand, you’ll kill the competition.
Cost-Effective Marketing

5 Smart Cost-Effective Marketing Moves That Will Build Your Business In A Tight Economy

When everyone is putting their heads down and hiding, it’s the ideal opportunity to get noticed.

Why Data-Driven Marketing Drives More Sales

You can’t afford to ignore your customer data when it comes to your marketing strategies. Make the right decisions, based on what your customers really care about.
Limited marketing budgets

Make Your Limited Marketing Budget Work For You

Is your 2017 marketing budget limited and do you need the best possible solution to spread your bucks wisely? Here’s where to start.

6 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Really Works

Stand out. Get noticed. Six reasons why influencer marketing really works.

How To Entice New Clients By Using Your Own Personal Brand

How to use your personal brand to gain traction for your business and make clients come to you.

Get Ready For A Killer 2017. Here’s What To Do Now

Don’t take your eye off the ball. Now is the time to start planning a successful 2017.

How To Prove Your Marketing ROI

In today’s competitive environment, measuring ROI is a critical part of retaining (and gaining) clients.

6 Top Money-Saving Tips

One of the most important start-up rules is to focus on keeping as much cash in your business as possible.

Leveraging Your Leap Of Faith

Here are some tips that could fast- track your start-up growth, and more importantly help you to avoid hard lessons that many business owners have learnt from experience.

Build A Brilliant BOD (It’s Not What You Think)

Many business owners and individuals I deal with already understand that branding is essential to their business and their profile, but a surprisingly high number of them don’t really know why or how to go about building their brands.

6 Tips For Bootstrapping

Not all start-ups have the luxury or know-how to gain financial investment at the outset. Most often, newbie entrepreneurs will need to fund the business from their own pockets and resources — this is called bootstrapping.


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