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Harald Merckel is a freelance writer whose primary focuses are business, e-gaming and marketing. Although he loves tech gadgetry as much as the next guy, Merkel prefers to write with pen on paper. Merkel has a B.A. in Business and Communication from HWR-Berlin, where he was active in the Studentenwerk Berlin organisation. He has been a proud Berlin resident since the late 1990s.

7 Team Building Ideas To Create An Engaged Team

Below is a list of ideas of team building events that are sure to keep your employees engaged.

3 Ways To Avoid Catastrophic Failure By Streamlining Day-to-Day Processes

Type up “small business failure” on a search engine and you get tons of overwhelmingly depressing results showing various statistics demonstrating that there’s a realistically slim chance that any business will survive past the 15-year mark.

3 Ways You Can Use Mobile Apps To Improve Your Customer Experience

There are many products one could use to enhance customer experience at all levels of interaction, but these three have taken it to the extreme, becoming some of the most exemplary startups in New Zealand.

Using An Online Meeting To Talk With Your Subscribers

How do you bond with people you have never met? Talk with them.

How To Promote Your Blog By Following Your Passion

It’s much easier to be enthusiastic about promotional efforts if you are truly passionate about what you wish to promote. This is why it is imperative to follow your passion. By engaging in activities one is passionate about, it becomes natural to authentically connect with others who share similar interests.

How To Create A Business Movement In Your Area

The founder of Best Drug Rehab, Per Wickstrom, gives his advice.

Why My Poker Bankroll Is My Business

The ability to ensure a continued source of cash is key to the ability to make more, something many in the business world can understand.


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