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Harry Welby-Cooke
Harry Welby-Cooke is the Master Licensee for ActionCOACH South Africa. He is also the President of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa). ActionCOACH is the world’s largest executive and business coaching company with operations in 39 countries. It is also on the list of the top 100 franchises globally. As a highly successful Business and Executive coach, Harry is a master of teaching business owners how to turn their businesses around and accelerate their growth. Email him at or call 0861 226 224

How To Get The Best From Your Employees

There’s a simple formula to managing your staff more effectively. Their potential to perform rests with you.

How To Make More Money By Doing Less Work

Increase the value of your business and free up more time by automating key systems and processes.

What To Measure To Make Sure Your Business Won’t Crash And Burn

Let your customers measure success for you and you’ll have a better idea of how to reach your goals.

Is Leveraging Your Resources Getting The Job Done Properly?

Trying to leverage resources without considering the potential repercussions can reduce your company’s efficiency in resource allocation, rather than enhancing it.

Are You Running Your Business Like Clockwork (Or Flying By The Seat Of Your...

How implementing the right business systems can save you from entrepreneurial martyrdom.

Making The Team ‘Work’

How do you assemble a team that works well together? Here are four ways you can create an environment that fosters true teamwork.

In The Eye Of Failure – Would You Run

Anyone who has ever thrown their hat into the entrepreneurial ring knows just what a gamble it can be. The failure statistics are scary, but what is the solution?

How To Go From A Clever Idea To A Viable Moneymaker

Unique ideas can work. But they need to be commercially viable, with the ability to be scaled and leveraged to handle increased volume and growth.

How To Determine The True Value Of A Customer

You can boost profits by focusing on the lifetime value of customers. Here’s how to look at the real value of a client.

The Fastest Way To Increase Profitability

Believe it or not, more business owners seem to have an issue with price increases than their customers. Obviously, I’m not talking about pushing your price up by 50%, but most customers won’t even notice a small price rise.

Converting Leads Into Sales

Can you identify the flag that indicates a prospect is ready to buy? This is vital if you want to close more deals.

Small Changes that can Greatly Increase your Profits

Small incremental changes can lead to significant growth in profit.

11 Ways To Double Your Customers In 4 Weeks

More customers = more sales, which leads directly to more profits. Here’s how you do it.

Increase Your Conversion Rate in Just Two Steps

Converting sales needn’t be hit and miss when you understand these two principles.

7 Ways to Make Advertising a Sure Thing

Seven steps to a planned campaign that will generate better results than a shot in the dark.

Why Your Business should be Devoted to Promotions

Attract the right customers by advancing your business with promotions.

Follow These Simple Rules and Make Your Sales Shine

Become a winner in the sales game by applying a few basic rules.

How to Build Your Dream Business Team

To understand the meaning and importance of a dream team, use this handy acronym: T E A M – Together Everyone Achieves More.


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