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Jeff Broth, a business writer and advisor. Consulted for SMB owners and entrepreneurs for 7 years now. Mainly covering finance, stocks and emerging fintech trends.

Entrepreneurs And Gamblers: Shared Traits

Add in the all-important role of luck in both business and gambling and we can further reinstate the point that entrepreneurship might be even closer to actual gambling than one may imagine.

Can We Make The Rand Grand Again?

The USD/ZAR currency pair (US Dollar/South African rand) is closely correlated with the EUR/ZAR (Euro/South African rand) with an 83.9% correlation.

Great Places To Take Your Clients When Networking

Are you hoping to make a lasting impression on your client? Maybe you are trying to woo a new client? If that’s the case, you’re going to want to read on and check out these great places that are ideal for taking your clients to.

6 Rookie Investor Mistakes You Must Avoid For Profitable Investing

Making the decision to become an investor is a smart financial move because you money works for you and you get to increase the sources of your income.

5 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

It takes a unique type of person to successfully become an entrepreneur.

Why Fear Is An Entrepreneur’s Worst Enemy

In his first inaugural address, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, made the now epic statement “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

You can become a successful entrepreneur if you possess or manage to acquire the following traits.

How To Be A Great Leader When Leadership Doesn’t Come Naturally To You

These people may not be famous, but they are important nevertheless.

Getting Into The Markets Is Tough, And This Success Story Is Going Unnoticed…For Now

Here are some tips and anecdotes from someone who turned his life around and built a successful business around the markets.

Becoming A Self-Made Millionaire: 5 Things To Do To Become Wealthy

Well, if you’re so determined to become a self-made millionaire, here’s part of the price you’d have to pay.

What Does Social Media Mean For The Future Of Public Relations?

How much control does your PR company really have on your social media comments and putting fires out?

Will Minimum Wage Increase Boost Economic Growth In South Africa?

The increase in minimum wage comes as good news since it raises the amount of disposable income for the domestic workers.

Why Quitting The 9-5 Could Be The Best Thing You Ever Do

Fight your fear of failure head on with these tips and tricks.

Is Poor Credit Worthiness Hindering You From Getting A Business Loan? Here Are 4...

If you find yourself in this position, don’t wallow in regret. It’s time to start analysing the options available to you.
Business growth

Financial Focus For Your Business In Different Growth Stages

Focus your attention when it comes to growing your business.

How Platforms Are Helping Investors Find Top Social Traders

One of the main advantages of social trading platforms is the ability to outsource your investment decisions to others with more success and experience in the market.

Massive Alliance Offers Start-ups Advice On Safeguarding Intellectual Property

Here Massive Alliance, a cyber security firm based in both the UK and the US, offers advice to start-ups on ways in which they can go about safeguarding their IP.

What To Focus On At Each Stage Of Your Business Growth

Grow your business successfully with these useful tips as you work through each stage of your business.

Mitigating Currency Exchange Risk For International Businesses in South Africa

The Brexit Vote brought about changes that South Africa didn't forsee coming. This is how South Africa can mitigate risks with overseas.

South Africa Is Becoming Africa’s Fintech Hub

As South Africa is already the financial hub of Africa and has a vibrant tech sector, it is a logical progression for the nation to also develop into Africa’s leading centre for fintech.


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