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Matt Brown is the CEO of Digital Kungfu a strategic business consultancy. He is also the host of the Matt Brown Show - a podcast empowering and entrepreneurs around the globe.

How You Can Profit From Constrained Consumption

There’s an art to giving new markets access to products that were previously unavailable to them – and growing your business as a result.
Howard Sackstein

[PODCAST] Howard Sackstein, CEO Of Saicom – Why Anyone Can Become An Entrepreneur

In this episode, Matt explores what he learnt during his time working for the IEC, and how that experience ignited the possibilities of entrepreneurship for him.

[PODCAST] Gilan Gork, The Mentalist – How To Get What You Want In Business...

Matt Brown speaks to Gilan Gork, who is South Africa's leading Mentalist, and a master at reading and influencing people using non-verbal and psychological principles.

How To Sell Anything On A Podcast [The Salmon Story]

A pen is a pen and Salmon, well, is Salmon.

[PODCAST] Benji Coetzee, Founder & CEO Of Empty Trips – How To Disrupt A...

Matt Brown chats to Benji Coetzee, the founder of Empty Trips, a South African start-up that is disrupting an $8 trillion logistics industry.

Podcasting Is The Most Authentic Form Of Advertising

Authenticity is a universal characteristic of a market leader, because when you are authentic it builds trust, and people will only do business with people who they trust.

[PODCAST] Brent Tollman – How To Sell More Using Story Telling And Video

Matt Brown interviews Brent Tollman, an entrepreneur and international media strategist, about how to craft a great story for your business, it's products and it's people.

Everything You Need To Know About Podcasting But Were Afraid To Ask

After building the Matt Brown Show into a global media platform, I’ve experienced this same story on numerous occasions. However, every time I’ve switched someone onto the world of podcasts they never look back and very rarely, if ever, listen to the radio once they have tried listening to a podcast.
Howard Mann

[PODCAST] Howard Mann, President Brickyard Partners – How To Survive The Struggle Of Running...

Matt Brown chats to Howard Mann, a US based business turnaround specialist with 17 years experience in helping entrepreneurs survive the struggle of running a business.

Asking The Wrong Questions Will Break Your Business

After almost two years of interviewing entrepreneurs, billionaires and CEO’s on my podcast the Matt Brown Show, I’ve noticed a commonality between them that I think may have the answer to the question about why some entrepreneurs start one successful business after the other and while others fail.
Ross Drakes

[PODCAST] Ross Drakes, Owner Nice Work, – How To Hustle For Your Money

Matt Brown chats to Ross Drakes about the realities of managing cashflow of a business and shares little known tactics and tips for entrepreneurs so they always get paid and keep the doors open.

[PODCAST] An Inside Man On How To Disrupt The Banking Industry

Matt Brown chats to an 'inside man' about the future of banking and how entrepreneurs can disrupt the banking industry.

[PODCAST] Brad Shorkend – How To Be A Leader

Matt Brown chats to entrepreneur and behavioural specialist Brad Shorkend, about how leadership and consciousness is changing the business landscape.

7 Signs You Have A Positioning Problem [And Why Familiarity Kills Businesses]

There is a new status quo emerging in the business world and it can all be summed up with one word: “Familiar”.

The Business Plan Is Dead

We are living through the most disruptive period in our history.

[PODCAST]: Listen To Rich Mullholland Share Tips On Building Your Personal Brand

Matt Brown chats to entrepreneur and branding expert Rich Mullholland about the power of having a personal brand as an entrepreneur.


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