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Monique Verduyn is a freelance writer. She has more than 12 years’ experience in writing for the corporate, SME, IT and entertainment sectors, and has interviewed many of South Africa’s most prominent business leaders and thinkers. Find her on Google+.

What You Need To Know To Become the Next Property Entrepreneur

Property entrepreneurs can take advantage of the huge demand for housing close to facilities in metro areas.

Black Like Me: Connie Mashaba

In the early 80s, Connie Mashaba worked for Southern Sun hotels as a junior bookkeeper. In 1985, her husband Herman Mashaba asked her to join his fledgling business in Garankuwa, north of Pretoria. What started out as a small manufacturer of hair care and grooming products for the black consumer has grown into a multi-billion rand business and a household name.

How Flick Visual Foundry Found High Rewards By Taking A Narrow View

Two Cape-based entrepreneurs narrowed their focus to build a niché business with high rewards.

Why Head of Van Dyck Carpets Believes To Innovate You Must Question The Status...

Academic Dr Mehran Zarrebini is applying lessons in analytical thought, working with mentors, and embracing diversity for business growth.

WeThinkCode Cracks The Hidden Code To Increasing Local Tech Skills

Dedicated tech and business experts come together to start radical tech training programme to increase local tech skills, benefitting business and the youth.

Where Others Run From Challenges Daniel Tall Is Running Towards Them

New Zealand country boy strikes it rich in South Africa by pursuing his dream of a better life.

Mobile App Cancer Dojo Is Kicking Cancer’s Ass

Cancer survivor uses marketing expertise to create a playful platform for helping to beat cancer.

DigiCash Believes To Have The Best And Brightest Employees You Need To Create A...

It’s important to hire the right people, but your responsibility doesn’t end there. Even excellent employees require support.

What The Concept Phase Really Means To Alex Van Tonder

Wanting it all is one thing — making it work is another. Alex van Tonder manages to balance her work as a brand expert, a social media doyenne, and a gutsy thriller writer.

Do Like Indie Shuffle And Content Curate

Indie Shuffle’s success comes down to curating — not creating — great content, keeping costs low and fans happy.

How Fashion Start-Up ToVch Built A Brand Presence With Only A Little Budget

A young, self-taught fashion designer from Soweto, Thabo Khumalo markets his start-up online without a big budget.

Silulo Ulutho Technologies Tackles Tech Target Market

The Rani brothers grew their business from one Internet café to 38 stores with a R22 million turnover by creating a market where none really existed.

Val Bourdos Nichas’ Morning Ritual Will Make You Rethink Yours

We all want to be more productive and better organised. Business leader and visionary Val Bourdos Nichas offers advice on getting things done.

Sigma Capital Is Built On Not Settling For Less

Former CEO of the Shanduka Group Phuti Mahanyele doubled the firm’s assets to R8 billion in five years and launched her own investment firm, Sigma Capital in 2015, all while surviving a stroke two years ago.

How Basil Reekie Took Clientele From R1 Billion To R4 Billion

How big picture thinking has helped one of SA’s most popular insurance brands shoot the lights out – over and over again.

Deepend Post Differentiates Itself In A Crowded Niche

Paulene Abrey and Luaan Hong from Deepend Post prove that there is always room for new ideas, even in very crowded markets.

At 21, Zareef Minty Works Harder Than Most

At 21, Zareef Minty is young. Very young. He’s also phenomenally busy, juggling countless responsibilities daily. Entrepreneur finds out what drives him, and how he manages his diverse duties.

Reel Gardening Warns That Innovation Is Never Easy

A young Johannesburg entrepreneur’s invention of a simple way for people to grow vegetables took a long time to flourish, but its time has come.

Molemo Kgomo Of Ntombenhledolls Turns Business Into Child’s Play

When Molemo Kgomo of Ntombenhledolls struggled to find an African doll for her daughter, she created her own. It seemed as if there was a business idea there, but business was slow… at first.

15 Free Online Courses That Are Actually Worth Your Time

Once a novelty, today there are more online courses than you can shake a stick at.


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