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Nicholas Haralambous
Founder of the luxury sock company,, , CEO and co-founder of Motribe before the company was successfully acquired by Mxit in August 2012.

4 Ways To Continuously Develop When Running Your Start-up

If you’re serious about your start-up journey, the learning is never done.
Mental Fitness

Why Mental Fitness Is A Competitive Strategy You Need To Implement

We’re so focused on physical fitness, health and maintaining our stress levels that we forget the impact our mental fitness has on our business. Here’s why I’m focusing on my mental fitness to build my business.

Are You Focusing Too Much On The Little Details (And Forgetting The Bigger Picture)?

To what degree do outside influences impact your business’s success? As a business owner, should you be focused on your business, or taking a macro view of the world?

4 Strategies To Build Trust – Through Trusting Your Team

When you’re building a business, you can’t do it without an exceptional team, and great teams are built on trust. Here’s how to let go so that people can excel at their jobs.

Expanding At The Speed Of Stress

Periods of rapid expansion are exciting, but they’re also incredibly stressful and even dangerous for your business. If you’re focused on growth, make sure it’s sustainable.

How To Plan, Prioritise And Get It Done Now

Here’s my short answer to the question about priorities: Whatever is burning the fastest gets the most attention.

Improve Your (Superior) Customer Service By Focusing On The Little Things

Building big businesses takes a focus on the little things — and great customer service is all about the small details.

How Do You Hit The Right Target Market For Your Business?

When you start a business, your main goal is to discover who those people are that not only like your product but are willing to part with their cash to purchase what you’re selling.

Have You (Really) Put Your Business To The Test?

You should constantly test things in your business to see if they’re working. In that direction lies success.

How To Win Customers Over With An Emotional Connection

With so much competition out there, how do you actually win over potential customers? One of the best ways is to make an emotional connection.

When Is It Time To Cut The Ties To Your Business?

Grit and determination are good, right? You should never give up, right? Well, it’s more complicated than that…

I’m An Imposter… And So Are You

Feeling like a complete fake and struggling to buy into your own PR? Relax. You’re not alone. Just about every entrepreneur feels this way. There’s even a name for it.

It Takes A Village

What does it mean to build a brand? And more importantly, how do you actually create a valued brand? There are no shortcuts.

Are You Sure Your Business Is Profitable?

You’re landing clients. Congratulations, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve found a viable business model. You need to be profitable in the true sense of the term.

The Art Of Embracing Rejection

There is no success without tenacity. If you want to succeed, you need to learn how to deal with rejection.

How To Build A Brand That People Care About

You need to create a brand that people really care about.

David Perel Of Obox On Living Life In The Fast Lane

For David Perel of Obox blancing passions and running a business isn’t easy, but that’s what entrepreneurship is all about — getting the best of all worlds.

To Discount Or Not To Discount. What Is The Answer?

A sale might seem like a good way to get stuff out the door, but what does a discount strategy mean for your business in the long run?

Should You Stay In The Ring…Or Throw In The Towel?

Is your start-up idea really worth it? How to decide if your idea is worth fighting for.

To Fund Or Not To Fund?

What is the right way to fund your new start-up? Should you bootstrap or chase some outside funding? Outside funding might be tempting, but it might not be the right way to go.


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