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Pavlo Phitidis
Pavlo Phitidis is the CEO of Aurik Business Incubator, an organisation that works with entrepreneurs to build their businesses into valuable assets. Pavlo is a regular commentator on entrepreneurship on 702 Talk Radio and 567 Cape Talk Radio. He can be contacted at

Accelerating Growth Through The Media

Don’t expect customers to come to you. You need to be proactive. And the media can be a wonderful partner, but you need to know how to tell your story.

Why Build a Business Just to Close It?

Everyone thinking, starting, running or growing a business should read this column because sale or closure is likely to apply to you whatever your business’s intention is.

How to Position your Business Now So You Can Sell It Later

Passion without purpose is not enough to get your business sold or funded.

Why Your Business Should Function Without You In It

When it comes to selling a business there’s more to it than all the hours you have put into growing your business.

Market Stifled? Create Your Own

Escape economic doldrums and achieve maximum business growth.

Are You Building Your Business Like a Political Party?

Our recent election offers interesting insights into building your own business.
silent killers

Silent Killers of Great Businesses and How to Avoid Them

Are your profits falling, overheads increasing and turnover a fraction of what it used to be? You might have fallen prey to these four silent killers of entrepreneurs and their businesses.

How to Use Your Suppliers as a Key Competitive Advantage

Focusing on suppliers with an entrepreneurial mindset pays dividends.

How to Survive – and Grow – in Tough Times

This case study scenario shows how to survive events beyond your control that could destroy your revenues.

You Can’t Build Profits Without Forecasting Your Sales

How building your foresight will give you the tools for building a profitable business.

Mr Minister, Give Us An Entrepreneur’s Budget

And we will give you jobs and fiscal revenues.

Find Unlimited Growth

Deliver real value to clients and watch your business boom.
How-to-create-an-agile-business_Strategy_Business Leadership

Agile Businesses Win the Race

In an unpredictable market, flexibilty leads to ultimate success.

Business Growth Blast Off

How to build the right people systems to accelerate growth.

Implement Systems for Success

The job of the entrepreneur is building a system of delivery. Are you performing that role in your organisation?


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