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Sasfin Corporate Finance focuses on providing innovative commercial and banking solutions to our clients. As an accredited sponsor and designated advisor with the JSE, we offer our sponsor and designated advisor clients independent advice on a full range of corporate finance transactions including advice relating to continuing obligations in terms of the JSE Listings Requirements. Sasfin Capital is a division of Sasfin Bank Limited, a subsidiary of Sasfin Holdings which listed on the JSE in 1987

What To Consider When Investing Your (Hard-Earned) Money

A debate regarding active versus passive investing can quickly become heated, but the issue is far more nuanced than it might seem at first. It’s not as simple as choosing one over the other. Successful portfolios are balanced.

Raising Capital In A Worsening Macro-Economic Environment

One could try to rely on the views of economists but then again, as the age old saying goes: “The only way to trust an economist is to chop off one hand so that the economist can’t say ‘on the other hand…’.”

How Do I Go About Valuing My Business?

Francois Otto, Head of Corporate Finance and Jonathan Wernick, Corporate Finance Transactor, Sasfin Capital give advice on how to value a business.

Raising Capital Through A Black Economic Empowerment Transaction

Alex Memela, Corporate Finance Transactor, and Francois Otto, Head of Corporate Finance at Sasfin Capital give advice on the BEE transaction as a long-term capital strategy.

Raising Equity Capital For Private Businesses

Francois Otto, Head of Corporate Finance, and Bongani Ntuli, Corporate Finance Transactor, at Sasfin Capital on attracting investors.

Make Your Money Work For You, Not Your Bank

Rodger Dunn, Head Transactional Banking at Sasfin Banking, showcases the Business Account and benefits.

Funding Options For A Growing Business

Growing business need capital to scale. Here are the options to consider as you embark on your journey.

Raising The Right Kind Of Capital

Megan Young, Corporate Finance Transactor at Sasfin Capital, covers what you need to know about raising capital for your business.

What Is A DMTN And Does Your Business Need It?

Jason Kleinman, Corporate Finance Transactor at Sasfin Capital, on why you should consider a DMTN programme.

Choosing Between Debt Or Equity Finance

The reality is that most businesses will require a capital injection at some stage in their business life-cycle. By Gareth Owen

The Myriad Benefits Of Venture Capital Investing

How you can benefit from Venture Capital investing. By: Zane Schalkwyk

Determining The Value Of Your Business

If you have ever thought about selling your business, perhaps one of the most difficult questions you have had to ask yourself is “How much can I sell my business for?” By: Jonathan Wernick


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