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Steven Delport
Steven Delport is the founder of Integer Consulting Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Integer Consulting Solutions helps: • Improve business performance and strategic direction, • Understand finance and business acumen, and • Develop individual’s knowledge of self. This three pronged approach helps improve profitability and cash flow while integrating strategy, operations and finance. Steven holds both a MBA and a Certificate Programme in Leadership Coaching from Wits Business School. He has extensive business experience having worked in the banking and consulting industries for more than 20 years and works with a number of business schools in the areas of strategy, finance, leadership development and coaching. For more information, please visit and find him on Google+.

Do This to Improve Your Cash Flow

A shortage of cash is not necessarily related to profitability. In fact, profitable businesses can go bankrupt, while businesses making losses can have substantial cash. So how then do we improve cash flow?
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Cashing Out

Where does cash flow fit into profitability?

Can suppliers help my cash flow problem?

Suppliers can be of assistance, but first establish why you’re having a cash flow problem.

Is it a good idea to grant my customers credit?

Granting credit can increase the likelihood of you making a sale.

Focus on Top Clients

Increase your profitability by understanding that not all customers are created equal.

Create Financial Statements… Properly

Being able to create accurate balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements could be the difference between business success and failure.

Creating Profitable Products

How many products do you need and where should you focus your sales efforts?

Improve your Profit Focus

Apply the 80-20 rule in your life and business.


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