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Tony Koutakis
Tony Koutakis is the Executive Head of Ignite – an internet and communication technology services provider specifically focused on South African SMEs. He is convinced that with the correct business and technical support to connect, run and grow their businesses, South African SMEs have the potential to transform the economy. Ignite offers fast, easy, and affordable access to services and digital tools in four areas essential for SME growth - Communication, Connectivity, Cloud and Business Applications.

Keeping Your Business Connected – Landline Or VoIP?

While significant voice traffic has moved onto mobile networks, customers still want to know they can contact a business on a landline. It’s about credibility – traditional telephones imply offices, systems, and real people offering real products and services. Innovative digital technology today means that small businesses benefit from ‘landlines’ at a fraction of past costs.
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Connecting Your Business is More Than Just Plug-and-Play

Free wi-fi is hard to pass up and it’s good to get out of the home office now and again. But as the company grows and more employees join the team, the operation will need a more permanent and secure internet connection.

Your Small Business Is Not Too Small For A Cyberattack

Ashley Madison. British Airways. eBay. Sony. Hilton Hotels. LinkedIn. Twitter. Gmail. South African Police Service. These are a very few of the big-name, public cyberattacks that have occurred in the last five years. Vast numbers are unreported, the number of incidences is increasing and, most importantly, it is not just big brands that are targets.

Mobility, Security And Your Business

Nowadays it’s not practical or desirable to ask that employees check their mobile devices at the office door. Mobile is the new way to do business – and it is not risk-free. It is critical that company owners introduce basic security measures so they can safely take advantage of this trend.

5 First Technology Buys For Your Brand New Business

Budgeting for technology basics is essential when starting a business that can compete in the modern, fast-paced, tech-led business environment.


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