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Mr. Vusi Thembekwayo has been an Independent Non-Executive Director of at RBA Holdings Ltd. since May 14, 2013. Mr. Thembekwayo has already collected numerous accolades and awards as businessperson, entrepreneur and international public speaker. Mr. Thembekwayo completed a PDBA and a course on advanced valuation techniques with the Gordon Institute of Business Science and completed a Management Acceleration Programme (Cum Laude) with the Wits Business School. His speaking achievements include the international hit talk “The Black Sheep” which he delivered to the Top 40 CEOs in Southern Africa, addressing the Australian Houses of Parliament and speaking at the British House of Commons. To add to this, Vusi speaks in 4 of the 7 continents over 350 000 people each year.

Why You Should Be Unreasonable With Your Expectations

All too often we’re told by society and communities that we must learn to be reasonable. We are told that being reasonable is a sign of virtue. I disagree. We should give ourselves permission to be unreasonable.
Usain Bolt

For Vusi Thembekwayo, Focus Leads To Big Wins

You can’t win every battle, especially not if you’re a small team. But you can choose your battles wisely. Success is all about focus.
The Founder’s Trap

4 Antidotes To Help You Avoid The Founder’s Trap

Business owners who are unable to extricate themselves from the day to day operations of their companies are actively killing their own growth. Here’s how to avoid the founder’s trap.

Stand Your Ground When Looking For Investors

Not all capital is created equal. If you’re serious about building your business, you should be serious about which investors you will — and won’t — take on board.

Why Growing Your Business Can Feel Like Sailing Over The Edge Of The World

Successful business leaders understand that the learning is never done.

Dear Entrepreneur,You Have One Role: To Lead

Want to grow your business? Then you need to focus on becoming more than a great entrepreneur. You need to become a great leader.

4 Rules To Tame Complexity And Bring Back Your Start-Up Agility

Your business is changing. It just doesn’t feel the same any longer. It’s getting slow and complex. So how do you regain that agility and excitement?

Why Failure Will Be Your Best Mentor – Ever

Let’s be honest: Nobody looks forward to failing. Yet, there’s no better teacher, or path to success.

When Innovating Beware The Blindspots

Innovation is not simple, nor linear, and while it’s important, it presents dangers too.

Dodge The Mourinho Trap Says Vusi Thembekwayo

What can you as an entrepreneur learn from this debacle?

Why The Climb To The Top Is The Most Critical For Your Growth

Tired of all the work? Sick of chasing that epic growth? Now is the time to kick it into high gear.

Want To Build Your Business? Sweat The Details

What is the secret to growing a business successfully? After a decade of business, I’ve learnt that it’s the nuts and bolts that keep the ship afloat.

The ‘Accidental’ Beatles

Is greatness a goal, or is it something that is achieved while you’re busy making other plans?

Vusi Thembekwayo On Being Better Than Your Competition

Don’t try to be the best at everything. You can’t be. The solution? Focus on improving that single thing that will really set you apart from your competition.

From Business Player To Company Coach

Being a player in the entrepreneurial game will only get you so far. If you want to make it to the next level, you need to become a coach.

Vusi Thembekwayo On How To Be A Jugger-niche

Perhaps the greatest challenge we face as entrepreneurs when we scale our businesses is how to scale ourselves.

5 Steps to Move from Founder to High-Growth CEO

What’s your leadership style? Are you more of a founder, or more of a CEO? Can you be both? And more importantly, do you have the necessary skills to take your business to the next level?

Are You Ready to Make the 10x Leap?

Here are the four elements that go into taking your business from a simple start-up to a multi-million rand business.

The Big Trap of Small Business

If what you are offering is relevant and needed then your customers will force you to grow.

3 Reasons Your Business is Dying

Many entrepreneurs believe that if they develop a better product than their competitor they will succeed. This is particularly not the case for early-stage entrepreneurs. What guarantees’ you success in the early years is top-line (sales) & then your ability to convert that into ‘money in the bank’ or free cash flows.


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