Change Management

Change Management

It’s not enough to have a vision statement and values; you have to integrate them into your company’s culture.

Of the three priorities founders should focus on, the company's product isn't one of them.

Get out of the way of your team and hire people you want to see in the hallway.

Google turned around management resistance in three moves. Here’s how they did it.

They’re called empire builders and they’re the managers that are killing your business. Here’s how to spot them — and deal with them.

Research shows that only 25% of organisational culture transformation projects deliver the expected results and business benefits. Make sure you’re one of them.

Take on change like it’s second nature.

The downturn has created two classes of business owners. Those with drive, and those who are struggling. Which are you?

Ensure that you establish internal relationships that are conducive to the development of a healthy, vibrant business.

Are your business partners and employees threatened by the idea of change? There is a way to make them embrace it instead.

Examine your beliefs, goals and values to create a positive atmosphere in your business.

Dion Chang, trend analyst and editor of ‘The State We’re In: The 2010 Flux Trend Review’, believes that the economic disasters of 2008 and 2009 have given us all a wake-up call. He speaks to Entrepreneur about the new approaches people everywhere are taking to life and work.

Everything becomes obsolete eventually. That’s why looking back at the past can help you predict the future.


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