Why Authentic Humility (Not Ego) Will Get You To The Top

Authentic humility can give you the perspective you need to build a high-growth organisation.
Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership – Will You Serve?

Now, the inevitable question to the reader – Will you serve?

Effective leadership – Serving Your Team To Serve Your Clients

Showing up as a servant leader who empowers and inspires requires the following.

What Building A Mini Car Taught Me About Leadership

Four leadership lessons learnt whilst building a car and breaking a world record.

Is It Always Your Way Or The Highway? Why It’s Time To Leave Your...

Don’t let your ego loom larger than your business. If you’re serious about success, there’s no place for ego in the boardroom.

The 6 Most Common Questions Business Owners Ask Before Selling Their Business

I figured that the most effective way to work through these questions was to write a short article on each one and will start off by listing them.

Leaders Who Make Good Decisions Do These 6 Things Constantly

Bad cultures are created by bad decisions by leaders who are not ready for the accountability leadership requires.

4 Things I Learned From Being Both The Client And The Agency

Here are my top four insights gained from having been both the client and ad agency, and they should apply.

7 Tools To Boost Communication In Your Business

These range from the digital realm to the physical realm. Enjoy!

4 Leadership Lessons You Won’t Learn In Business School

True leaders are born, not built in a classroom.

These 5 Styles Of Leadership Don’t Work. Do Any Of Them Describe You?

Are you always reactive? Unreasonably optimistic? Controlling? Time to rethink and reboot your style as a leader.

Just Because You Attended The Board Meeting Doesn’t Mean Your Job Is Done

One of the myths of a high-performance director is that the time you spend in the boardroom is the beginning and end of your role as a director.

Effective Communication Means Business Success

The ability to communicate with people both inside and outside your organisation is a key characteristic of successful business builders.

Be A Proactive Director, Instead Of Making Excuses For Poor Performance

Times are tough, but that’s when real leaders put their heads together, get to work, and lead. This is no time for excuses.

How Much Of You Should Be Part Of Your Business?

Whether intentional or not, the following aspects are often shared between businesses and those owning or controlling it.
The Founder’s Trap

4 Antidotes To Help You Avoid The Founder’s Trap

Business owners who are unable to extricate themselves from the day to day operations of their companies are actively killing their own growth. Here’s how to avoid the founder’s trap.

10 Leadership Quotes From The World’s Most Influential Leaders

From Steve Jobs to Thomas Jefferson, these quotes will inspire you to become a better leader.

Managing Resistance To Change: An Essential Management And Leadership Skill

Entrepreneurs and companies that are change adept are best equipped to successfully deal with the ever challenging and transforming business environment that we operate companies within.
Steve Martin

6 Funny Leadership Tips That You Should Actually Follow

If there’s truth to the adage ‘many a true word is spoken in jest’, here are some truths about leadership that will make you laugh… and think.

11 Qualities Of Super Successful People (Infographic)

Do you have what it takes to be successful?


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