Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

2017-Proofing Your Business: 3 Tips For The Year Ahead

How did 2016 go for your small business? Whether it was plain sailing or a rocky road, it’s essential that you’re prepared for whatever 2017 will throw at you.

5 Business Lessons From Billionaire Mentors

These are the basics, but to truly succeed, you need to blaze your own path, like Richard Branson and Mark Cuban did.

3 Questions Leaders Should Ask Their Team

Keep perspectives clear by following these simple steps and avoid possible pitfalls.

What Do You Know About Vesting Schedules And Cliffs

The vesting schedule and the vesting cliff are two great ways of protecting a company’s interest by ensuring that founders or other investors earn any long-term equity they hold in the business.

How To Select A Highly Effective Board

One of the most challenging aspects of implementing governance is the selection of the right directors for your board.

Is Working Too Hard Destroying Your Business?

A strange phenomenon has emerged recently and I like to call it the ‘Busy Factor’.

Why Even Your Business Process Has a Shelf Life

This is why it’s high time you adapt.

How Your CEO Fat-Cheque Must be Determined by your Performance

Why performance-based remuneration leads to higher profits.

5 Bad Decision-Making Habits That Can Destroy Your Business

A deliberative, thoughtful process for making decisions doesn't guarantee a good result but it makes one more likely.

Are You Measuring Up to Your Board?

The role of a board is to hold senior management, particularly the CEO, accountable for targets, ensuring higher targets are set – and met.

How to Get People to Do What You Want

Several studies conclude that positive reinforcement is the best way to encourage better behaviour. Two new studies examine these concepts more and give us better insight into why this works well.

When Strategy Stalls, Lead with Conviction

The best well-run businesses suffer periodic strategic decay.

Why You Should Take the Bold Decisions

Bold decisions are not always easy to take but sometimes they are the only option, so take them regardless.

How Giraffes Can Kill Your Business

Don’t be misled by portions of data that stick out from and dominate the rest.

3 Ways To Spearhead Problem-Solving

Every business has problems, and the best businesses are constantly in a problem-solving mode. The trick lies in approaching each problem from the correct angle and using the right tools to solve it. Here are three ways to help you learn to think like a business consultant and find innovative ways to solve your business’s problems.

Better Planning Equals Improved Productivity

Feeling overwhelmed? Break down your goals into digestible, daily steps.

The Law of “Necessary But Insufficient”

If your business isn't as successful as you'd like, it's time to take it apart piece by piece to see just where the problems are. In his own words, author of best-selling book E-Myth, Michael Gerber shows you how.

When Investors Join Your Board

Check out these tips for creating a board when raising money for your start-up.

Back to Your Roots

Do your problems stem from a lost company mission?

Benefit in Boom & Bust

The economy is up one day, down the next. What is the best way to profit, regardless of this fluctuating environment?


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