Business Plan Advice

Business Plan Advice

Business Plan Tools

When launching a business it is more important than ever to put together an accurate business plan.

Business Plan Elements Structure Guide

All of these business plan elements must be included in order to give the reader a clear idea of what your business idea is all about.

Making A Business Plan: What 10 Experts Have To Say about Creating A Winning...

Top tips from professionals that have seen their fair share of business plans.

7 Flaws In Your Business Plan You Need to Fix

Individually, these seven flaws won't destroy your business, but cumulatively . . . watch out.

Why Do I Need A Business Plan?

If properly generated, and appropriately used, the time spent on the development of a business plan is far outweighed by the potential benefits and considerable advantages.

Is Your Business Plan Missing This Vital Ingredient?

As many as half of start-ups are no longer in business just four short years later, according to some statistics. Most businesses are owned by entrepreneurs who are driven, passionate and ambitious. So, how is it possible that so many fail?

Business Plan Examples to Get You Going

It’s time to get specific and personalise your business plan.

5 Common Business Plan Mistakes That Torpedo Start-ups

Your business plan isn't a romance novel, so don't depend on just your passion to get investors interested in reading it.

11 Unexpected Things to Include With Your Business Plan

Not all information fits logically into your business plan. Here's how to include the extra bits that are key to your business.

9 Steps to a Working Business Plan

How the business model canvas works.

Hate Being Stuck Behind a Desk? 7 Business Ideas for You

Here are seven business ideas that will allow you meet new people, contribute to your community and won't keep you stuck behind a desk day after day.

Does Your Business Plan Answer These 6 Questions?

Answering a few key questions can make business plan writing a little easier.

10 Reasons Not to Write a Business Plan

Writing a business plan isn't for everyone. Here are ten strategies you might be better off trying first.

5 Telling Tests to Prove If Your Business Plan Works (Or Not)

Do you have an idea worth doing? These 5 Tests will figure out if your business plan is a winner, or best left ignored.

(Video) Business Plans are this Basic

Lord Sugar on preparing your business plan.

How and Why Your Business Plan Should Change

The fundamentals of business planning have been remarkably stable for several decades. But the how, how much and even the whys have changed enormously.

(Video) Business Plans for Dummies

What you need to know about writing a business plan.

(Slideshow) Using Your Business Plan to Monitor Progress

In just 60-seconds, we'll show you how to use your business plan as a tracking and evaluation tool, so that you can determine if your business is heading in the right direction or if it has wandered off course.

How to Build a Lean and Efficient Business Plan

In business, it is the continuous planning process that matters.

Don’t Forget the Business Plan

Improve your odds of success by writing a business plan.


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