Funky Marketing

Funky Marketing
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Wise words from marketing gurus.
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Now you can spread your marketing message while you’re on the move.
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Apple pips Coca-Cola to the post in the 2013 top brands listing.
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Before launching that Facebook campaign, it might help to know who’s doing what on the social media networking site.
Brand-Evolution_Funky-Marketing_Cool Business

Your brand needs to evolve with the times.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, memes are here to stay.
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Just enter the pithy saying of your choice.
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You may think you’re not a gamer, but you’d be surprised to know you probably are.
Confusing-Marketing-Funky-Marketing-Cool Business

Before launching your brand overseas, do a little research to avoid potential embarrassment.

Fierce competition in the fast-food burger market means agencies are having to come up with ever more innovative marketing tactics.
Timotei Lion

The images of animals used in advertising campaigns have shifted from cute to downright bizarre, in some instances.

The kitties are showing the marketing world who's boss.
Coca Cola Advert

Bad marketing campaigns can be memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.
Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

Show your customers you care about them and the environment.
Business Applications

What’s an app? Everyone has one, so what makes yours special?
Ponds Billboard

Does your marketing jump out and grab your customers’ attention?

Green marketing: good for the environment and good for your brand.

Humour can be used to good effect in marketing campaigns.

How to make sure your business card stands out in the 5x9 cm crowd!

Nothing conveys your marketing message quite like a nice big sign. But to attract attention you need to be clever and even disruptive in how you go about conveying your message.


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