Business Landscape

Business Landscape

‘Business As Usual’ Could Ruin You

As times get increasingly tough, strategic thinking becomes ever more important. Sticking to ‘business as usual’ and doing nothing can end in disaster.

Herman Mashaba On What SA Entrepreneurs Need

Herman Mashaba — founder of Black Like Me, author of Capitalist Crusader, and most recently, Mayoral Candidate for Johannesburg — talks about how he believes the country needs to support entrepreneurs.

Budget 2016: Encouraging For SMMEs, But More Detail Needed

It looks like the SMME world has been given a platform, Anton van Heerden comments.

8 Reasons Why It’s Tough to Get Your Small-Brand Product Into Big-Box Stores

Chain stores favour big-brand products over new no-name inventions. Here are some things to keep in mind when pitching to Walmart or Home Depot.

Customer Service Success Secrets

Nine best-kept secrets to making your customer love you and keep coming back for more.

What Tradesmen Should Consider Before Starting their Own SME

SME success for tradesmen requires additional financial skills.

Tap Into the Growing Luxury Market By Understanding the Buyers

People who can easily afford full price look just as hard for a deal as those who can't.

Do You Know Your Taxpayer Rights?

The amendments of the Tax Administration Act can help to alleviate your payment burdens. Here’s a look at your rights and obligations.

Make Sure You’re Clued Up When It Comes to Running Competitions

Running a competition for a brand seems simple enough, but you’d be surprised at how easily certain key elements, that may make or break a good competition, are overlooked.

New Merchant Online: Peace of Mind for Business Owners

Standard Bank has launched a new self-service online platform that has been designed to save merchants time and money by giving them total control over their card administration.

Grande Zoning Time

Office too quiet, outside world too noisy? Coffee shops are just right.

5 Things to Remember When Coming Back to SA

Here is what you will need to know if you plan on coming back to SA or have just come back.

How to Survive the Dreaded Business Seasonality

Here are four tips to help you and your business survive seasonality.

How to Make Your Customers Smile

Happy customers are critical to the long term success of a business. Am I stating the obvious? It should go without saying, yet few businesses demonstrate an understanding of the impact that happy customers have on a business.

Engaged Employees Drive Profits and Productivity… Why not in RSA?

Why do SA businesses not understand the value of an Engaged workforce?

In The Dark, But Covered

When the lights go out and electronics go on the fritz: Insurance’s take on load shedding.

3 Ways to Get your Suppliers to Help you Innovate

How can your company act in ways that make your important suppliers more willing to engage in joint innovation? It is about your behaviour and the level of openness you offer them to work with you on reducing costs, improving internal processes and using technology.

To Tender or Not to Tender?

Five questions to answer to decide if it’s really worth it

How Ephraim Mashisani Rose to the Top of His Industry

Ephraim Mashisani has built a R50 million company in four years. He reveals the challenges of operating in a highly commoditised industry and the smart tactics he’s deployed that have resulted in profit on every single project since inception, and ongoing sustainable growth of his business, Nyalu Communications.

The Challenges Businesses Face in Africa

Expanding into Africa, and laying the foundations for partnerships in other emerging markets across the globe, have their challenges. Here are six lessons we’ve learned on our four-year journey.


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