Are You Protecting Your Customer’s Data?

A company’s privacy policy dictates what personal information is processed, and the manner in which such information is collected, stored, and shared.

Understanding Shareholder Agreements

The future of shareholders agreements under the New Companies Act.

Protect Your SME From PoPI

If your SME has employees (Yes that includes you), then PoPI directly impacts you.

Five Tips for Effective Marketing that Complies with the POPI Act

With the immanent implementation of the Protection of Personal Information Act, marketing companies have the opportunity to affirm their customers that the systems they use are integrous and follow the new legal requirements.

Contracting with Minors? Not Possible… Right?

As a supplier, as you contracting with minors? Here’s what you should know in terms of the Consumer Protection Act.

The Companies Act: Friend or Foe of Small Business?

The Act is much more comprehensive, which means there is no need to replicate those provisions in the company’s MOI. The MOI can therefore be a simpler document.

PoPI: This Changes Everything

The recently passed Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) act has wide-ranging implications for all South African businesses.

3 Things You Should Know About POPI

The three most important things businesses should know about the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Get Your House in Order

Is your marketing strategy in place to deal with POPI’s new regulations, or will your sales prospects be imminently diminished?
Companies-Act-Compliance-Doing Business in SA

What the Companies Act means to you

What does the Companies Act 2008 meant for executive and non-executive directors?

Protection of Personal Information Act – Everything You Need to Know About POPI

Not complying with the Protection of Personal Information Act – POPI – could cost you R10m.

The Buck Stops With You

Responsibility and accountability new watchwords for business under the Consumer Protection Act.
Power-with-People-Compliance-Doing Business SA

The Power’s with the People

Two years in, can you say you’re completely up-to-speed with the new Consumer Protection Act?

The Great Mock MOI Swindle

Have you filed your MOI incorrectly?

The Battle of Business Rescue

Business rescue proceedings − whose interests are really protected?

Bullet-Proofing Information

Demystifying POPI: What it means for your business and personal information.

Legal Action Against a Debtor

Final clarification - Letters of Demand in terms of section 129 of the national credit act of 2005.

(Video) The Importance of Written Agreements in Business

Gone are the days of doing business based on a handshake.

(Video) Why Your Website Needs Terms and Conditions

Nina Kaufman explains why T&C's are important.

The Duties of all Important Role Players in a Business

Practical guidelines on drafting and executing a Memorandum of Incorporation in terms of the Companies Act of 2008.


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