Labour Law

Labour Law

3 Things About Legal Prevention In Your Business

When a legal crises strikes your business - how do you feel? What do you do?

Ignore the Labour Law and Your Small Business May Be In Peril

Addressing labour legislation concerns for small entrepreneurs.
I'm Watching You

Death By Probation

Do small business owners understand what rights they have when dealing with errant employees within their probationary period?

How to Settle Disputes the Humane Way

The ins and outs of mediation for your business.

SMEs and Employment Equity

Getting your head around the Employment Equity Plan.

What Value Does a CCMA Certificate of Outcome Have?

Understanding Certificates of Outcome.

Understanding Restraints of Trade

Can you restrict what your employees do after they leave your company?

Guard Against CCMA Disputes

Protect yourself and your business from employee claims.

Drafting Contracts of Employment

Taking on staff is a sign that your business is growing and flourishing, but it is certainly not without its risks.


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