Cash Flow

Cash Flow

This 1 Crucial Business Control Will Determine Your Success Or Failure

One of the main reasons companies fail is a lack of financial controls. If you want to be successful, you need to understand the cash flow of your business.

How To Handle Your Post-Holiday Debt

If you have gift cards, presents to return or a budget that took a hit, Jessica Abo has some tips from Smart Shopping Expert, Trae Bodge.

6 Tactics And 18 Ways To Save On Your Bottom Line In 2017

Competition is fierce. The economy is tight. People aren’t buying. Here’s how you can gain a competitive advantage by reducing your costs significantly in 2017.

6 Frugal Ways To Save Your Start-Up Pennies

If you’re setting up a business, cash flow is king. And cash flow is a function of cash inflows and cash outflows. In other words, you need to be frugal.

When You Need More Than A Sympathetic Ear For Your Cashflow Woes

Consider this if you want to get your head above water with regard to cash flow in 2017.

How You Can Keep Your Start-Up Expenses Lean (For Better Business Survival)

One of the main reasons young companies run into cash flow problems is an inability to keep expenses down. Here are some examples of how you can keep things lean.

8 Ways to Avoid Cash Flow Surprises That Could Kill Your Business

Be aware of common cash flow problems and have a plan in place to address them when needed.

6 Points To Keeping A Firm Finger On The Pulse Of Your Numbers

I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand times before that cash is king, but for me there are a few fundamentals that keep your business healthy.

12 Signs Your Business Is Hemorrhaging Money And How To Stop the Bleeding

The shortest path to profit is to watch your expenses as closely as you watch for new customers.

Hollywood’s Greatest Financial Lessons For Entrepreneurs

Making money at any cost wrecks lives, as these 6 movies powerfully remind us.

8 Musts To Start Your Business With Little To No Capital

Have a great idea but very little money? Don’t let that stop you!

The Correlation Between Cash Flow Challenges And Risk

It is important for businesses to see the underlying risks in and to their healthy cash flow.

In Bad Times You Need To Cut Costs, But Where?

When it comes to cutting costs in your business, it's difficult to know where to start. Use these tips to help you start.

What Is A DMTN And Does Your Business Need It?

Jason Kleinman, Corporate Finance Transactor at Sasfin Capital, on why you should consider a DMTN programme.

Employing Your Cash: Your Secret Employee

How to invest accumulate cash from your business.

The Secret To Managing Hidden Expenses

How do you go about managing these hidden (and unexpected) costs?

Trends In Investing For Entrepreneurs In South Africa

To help new entrepreneurs, including those who live or work in South Africa, this is a list of some of the latest trends in investments.

Improve Management Of Retail Returns For A Better Customer Experience

Poor returns policies and cumbersome returns processes are a significant obstacle to future sales.

Spring-clean Your Business and Bear the Fruits of Increased Efficiencies

As the year draws to a close - the time may come when you should look at cleaning out those old files and do a recon.

Small Changes that can Greatly Increase your Profits

Small incremental changes can lead to significant growth in profit.


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