5 Tax Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask In 2016

Here are the five tax questions every small business owner should be asking their tax consultant this year.

Entrepreneurs And Tax: 101

Don’t let tax be a subject to cause pain and headaches each month.

What Are Tax-Free Investments?

Seugnet van der Merwe – Investment Analyst at Nedgroup Investments gives advice on tax-free investments.

How to Survive The SARS Season

Madelein van der Watt, Development Manager at Sage Pastel Payroll & HR, offers a simple guide to employer tax filing season.

Addressing the Growing Youth Unemployment Crises

50% of SA’s youth under the age of 25 are unemployed. What can businesses do to change this alarming statistic?

Where Your Tax Money is Going

The ins and outs of Tax Freedom Day in South Africa.

The 5 Deadly Financial Sins of Small Businesses

The don'ts for financial management in small businesses.

3 Tips to Create Sustainable Business Enterprises

How consideration of the budget speech (taxes), estate planning and ring fencing risk achieve this.

How The Income Tax Act Can Help The Entrepreneur

Small business corporations and the Income Tax Act.
Split-Personal-and-Business Expenses-Tax-Financial Management

The Thin Grey Line Between Business and Personal Expenses

Have you made a quick judgment call about the deductibility of an expense, only to end up in a grey area fraught with doubt and the threat of a SARS audit looming over your head.

Stop Making Tax Mistakes

SMEs tend to all make the same tax-related mistakes. Here’s what they are, and how you can change them.

How to Make Money Before you Start your Business

Ensure you have the optimal business and tax structure before you launch.

How the 2011 Budget Speech Affects Your Business

Looking ahead, business owners can expect a number of improvements to the business environment.

Budget Speech: The Impact on SMEs

Some budget relief for individual taxpayers while SME businesses have work to do.

Don’t Be Tempted To Cancel Your Insurance Cover

These may still be difficult economic times, but with criminals targeting smaller businesses, cancelling your insurance policy may not be the wisest move – especially when there are ways to reduce your premiums.

Can Your Business Afford Medical Cover?

The balance between low-cost healthcare and quality health services is achievable, even for smaller businesses.

Insurance: Covering All Bases

Given that insurance is something your business has to have, you might as well make sure you do it properly when you buy it. Here are some tips to help you get it right.

Dealing with the Consulting PAYE

As with many things tax-related, the exceptions often outnumber the rule. This is no different where the use of consultants in the place of full-time employees is concerned.

Ensuring Optimum Insurance Strategies

So you’ve just purchased the ideal commercial vehicle for your needs, and your business is raring to start capitalising on this new asset. But what about the risk?

Grasping the Tax Olive Branch

Small businesses should take advantage of the tax amnesty being offered by SARS – before it’s too late.


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