Angel Investors

Angel Investors

7 Important Differences Between Angels And VCs You Need To Understand

Keep these seven differences in mind before targeting and pitching investors.

How Platforms Are Helping Investors Find Top Social Traders

One of the main advantages of social trading platforms is the ability to outsource your investment decisions to others with more success and experience in the market.

6 Things Your Investors Are Thinking While Seeing Your Pitch

Investors want to make sure that you have the tenacity and ability to succeed, Also, that they're going to make a profit.

Choose an Investor Like You Would a Spouse

Take your time up front to be sure you really do agree with a prospective investor on all the important issues. This will safeguard your business and sanity.

When Angel Investors Reject Your Plan

While persistence is essential for successfully launching a business, blind persistence can unravel a startup.

5 Early Funding Mistakes that Can Kill Your Company in the Long Run

By keeping the bigger picture in mind from the start, you’ll be in a better place to avoid dealing with the consequences and fallout of hasty early-stage decisions later on.

(Video) How to Find an Angel Investor

David S. Rose of New York Angels explains how entrepreneurs can meet angel investors. Entrepreneur's Diana Ransom reports.

(Video) Barbara Corcoran’s Angel Investor Checklist

An angel investor shares the hard-hitting questions she asks entrepreneurs before investing in a business.
Vinny Lingham

This Entrepreneur Got Vinny Lingham To Invest In Him By Crashing His Party

Vinny Lingham is South Africa's tech success story, which is why Sheraan Amod knew he was the best man to help him get his idea off the ground. But how could he convince Lingham that Sheraan was the best man to invest in?
David S Rose

(Video) How to Land Angel Funding

In this funding video, David S. Rose of New York Angels talks about the best way to secure financial backing from angel investors.
Entrepreneurs shaking hands

Top Tips for Raising Angel Investment Funding

The funding environment for early-stage ventures in South Africa is notoriously uneventful, and many theories have arisen over the years about the supposed scarcity of support.

Crowd Funding: Getting Money from the Masses

Crowdfunding sites let entrepreneurs leverage the power of peer persuasion.

Angel Investors

Angel investors are wealthy individuals seeking to invest their own money in early stage companies.


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