Attracting Investors

Attracting Investors

Top 5 Personality Traits Investors Look For In An Entrepreneur

They'll read your business plan but it's you they invest in.

The Tenacious Matsi Modise Has Her Game Face On When It Comes To Funding

For an intrepid entrepreneur, the prospect of external funding can seem almost too good to be true. But how realistic is a search for funding? And are you even ready to start looking for it?
Growth Funding

What Type Of Growth Funding Do You Really Need?

There are 300 finance offerings available to growing businesses. Do you know your match?

Funding Solutions That Support Business Cash Flow

Before you look for a funding solution, you need to make sure your foundations are strong. In this regard, cash is king.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking Startup Capital

Give your business idea its best chance to grow without risking your personal finances.

Stand Your Ground When Looking For Investors

Not all capital is created equal. If you’re serious about building your business, you should be serious about which investors you will — and won’t — take on board.

The Craziest Things That Have Been Funded On Kickstarter In 2017 – So Far

From an air pollution pen to a robot arm – check out some of these successful out-there campaigns.

10 Ways To Beat The Odds And Get That Funding For Your Start-Up

10 Ways to beat the odds, attract investor attention and get funded.

How To Build A Winning Investment Case To Hook Investors

You need a pitch deck that will hook an investor. Here’s how you build it.

Funding Your Business: Why It’s Critical To Keep Your Investors Involved

Allow me to explain why you shouldn’t take that approach (and, in some cases, why you can’t).

The Sharks Of Shark Tank Reveal How To Get Funded

From the Sharks’ mouths: Why scale and traction will improve your chances of getting funded

The Shark Tank Investors On What Makes A Start-Up Investable

It’s a well-known fact that only a very small percentage of start-ups receive early-stage funding. So what sets this minority apart? What makes them investable? We chat to the Sharks to find out what makes them want to give an entrepreneur their cash.

Raising Equity Capital For Private Businesses

Francois Otto, Head of Corporate Finance, and Bongani Ntuli, Corporate Finance Transactor, at Sasfin Capital on attracting investors.

Are You Approaching A Funder? First You’ll Need To Know Grotech’s 2-6-2 Rule

When approaching a funder there are two key factors to consider: What type of funding suits my business and growth plans, and which specific fund’s mandate does my business suit?

How To Pitch A Business Idea To An Investor

If you want your business pitch to investors to succeed, read these four tips on how to pitch an investor effectively.

4 Funding Sources

Starting a business is an exciting opportunity but it can be daunting at the same time especially when funding from an outside source is required. While there are a number of funding sources available, the kind of business you have will determine the kind of funds you’re eligible for.

9 Different Kinds Of SME Funding

There are many different ways to get funding for an SME, each with its own set of requirements and obligations. Learn what your options are in order to decide which kind of SME funding suits you best.

Pitch Your Idea Like A Pro

Your business success rests on your ability to make sales. You’re making appointments, but are you converting those leads into deals?


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