Bootstrap Financing

Bootstrap Financing

6 Tips For Bootstrapping

Not all start-ups have the luxury or know-how to gain financial investment at the outset. Most often, newbie entrepreneurs will need to fund the business from their own pockets and resources — this is called bootstrapping.

Bootstrapping Is Much More Fun Than Investors

Bootstrapping does require a full confidence in your own passion with no investors to lean on or blame. But isn't that why you signed up to be an entrepreneur in the first place?

To Fund Or Not To Fund?

What is the right way to fund your new start-up? Should you bootstrap or chase some outside funding? Outside funding might be tempting, but it might not be the right way to go.

10 Bootstrapping Tips to Help Turn Your Idea Into a Reality

The chances of receiving funding is very slim, so if you are serious you are going to have to dip into your own pockets.

Zimkhitha Mqutheni Built Her Business From The Ground Up

Despite having no access to funding, Zimkhitha Mqutheni has turned her passion to profit and built the growing Ukhanyiso Communications.

Bootstrapping in Action: The DNAlysis Biotechnology Story

Bootstrapping success through the right products, partners and marketing strategies.

5 Ways to Bootstrap Your Business

Who needs funding? Here’s how you can launch a successful company without cash in the bank.

What Can Help You Bootstrap your Business?

You can bootstrap your business at any phase, not just as a start-up.
Equity-Finance-Bootstrapping-Funding a Business

The Pros and Cons of Working for Equity

It's practically the stuff of start-up lore at this point.

Get a Personal Loan to Finance Your Business

We all know that banks are less keen to lend money to SMEs than they used to be, so you need to keep every avenue open – including personal loans.

How to Bootstrap a Movie: Seven Entrepreneurs; 11 Days; R10 000… And a Whole...

Start-up lessons from a group of ’treps who had no cash, but created a movie anyway by leveraging great synergies, using their networks and calling in favours.

Online Lending Alternatives You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

The small business lending market has been primed for disruption ever since the economic downturn began.

Why Money isn’t Everything

Sometimes, it’s actually better to start with less money than pots of it.

Bootstrapping: The DIY Option

Local entrepreneur gets his business off the ground with a screwdriver and some creativity.

Stop Whining and Start Thinking

In his latest book, star of the BBC’s The Apprentice, Alan Sugar offers business owners a no-holds barred reality check. Here’s his take on approaching banks for money.

How to Access Debtor Finance

Debtor’s finance can be a critical tool in achieving real business growth. Here’s how it works.
Money on fire

How To Waste Money

What’s the easiest way to raise money? It’s simple: Don’t spend it. Here’s how start-ups waste their hard-earned capital.
Man showing empty pocket

It Takes Money To Make Money

Start-up funding is hard to come by, but that doesn’t mean you can't access cash. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Cooking Up Creative Funding

One of the biggest challenges facing start-ups is getting funding, but a little creativity can get you and your business off the ground sooner than imagined.

(Video) How Can I Boostrap My Business?

Tim Berry talks about starting a business and how you can bootstrap it all on your own.


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