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How to Guides

What Funding Options Are There For Entrepreneurial Businesses In South Africa?

This article summarises the funding options South Africa’s entrepreneurs can explore.

How To Choose The Right Finance For Your Business Or Property Portfolio Expansion

Gary Palmer, CEO of Paragon Lending Solutions, looks at how companies should go about securing the most appropriate finance to achieve their growth objectives.

Small Business Funding In South Africa

When you need funding for your small business, it can seem like a big challenge jumping through all the hoops. We show you what you need to know about small business funding.

How To Find Funding in South Africa

One of the challenges involved in starting a business is how to find funding. Fortunately there several places to look to and things you can do to look like an attractive investment. Below is a guide for how to go about finding funds for an SME.

Finding The Right Buyer For Your Business

You’ve decided you’d like to sell your business, but have no idea where to start, or how to find a buyer. Here are ten places to get you started.

Choosing Between Debt Or Equity Finance

The reality is that most businesses will require a capital injection at some stage in their business life-cycle. By Gareth Owen

Funding And Resources For Young SA Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs, arguably, find it more difficult when it comes to starting and growing a business when compared to their more seasoned counterparts. However, by partnering with the right development enterprise or seeking advice from a funding specialist, you may be able to achieve your goals sooner than trends dictate.

Fintech: Fusing Finance And Technology

Fintech is currently the hottest term in the financial industry.

Attention Black Entrepreneurs: Start-Up Funding From Government Grants & Funds

Government grants and funding are a great source of finances when you’re trying to get your business off the ground or expand to new horizons.

New Ways SMEs Can Find Funding

New technology and incentives are changing the way businesses can access funding in SA.

Why Do Businesses Fail Even When Funded

For every successful business there many more businesses that have failed. Lack of funding can be one of the biggest obstacles to business success, but what about in the instances where entrepreneurs have received funding and have still failed?

Three Funds You Can Tap into Right Now

There are a variety of options when it comes to financing your business. We’ve picked three that are seeking to grow the South African economy by supporting SMEs, and yours may be just what they are looking for.

How to Fund your Small Business

Looking to fund your new venture? Here are some ways to find funding and how to be better prepared before you ask for funding.

How To Start A Business With No Money

So you want to be in business for yourself but you have little or no cash to put up as capital. You are well aware that the funding options for start-up businesses are severely restricted; you may even have heard that only about 3% of people looking for substantial outside funds to launch a new venture ever raise the capital they require. So what do you do?

3 Ways to Fund Your Franchise (and 3 Ways You Should Not)

There are numerous options available to fund a franchise. Careful evaluation and management of these options should see you on the path to commercial success and wealth.

The Top 6 Ways of How to Raise Capital on a Continuous Basis

It's not about if you should do it but rather when you should do it.

Not All Money is Created Equal

Select your funding to suit your business model and entrepreneurial personality.

How to Pitch Your Idea to An Investor

At best you may only have a 30 minute window to pitch your idea to potential investors – make sure you get it right.

How To Use Your Business Plan to Get Funding

How to build a business plan that inspires confidence in your potential backers.

How and Where to Get the Cash

The critical elements in building a new business include: the right opportunity, market research, a business model and a business plan. But to take an idea forward, you need capital.


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