Venture Capital

Venture Capital

Before You Pitch Investors, Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

To set yourself up for success, here are some guidelines to follow when raising money.

When Gareth Cliff Met Bill Draper – The First Skype Funder

When it comes to investing in companies that will change the world, Bill Draper, the godfather of venture capitalism, knows a thing or two. Here’s his advice to South African entrepreneurs on using what we have to make a difference.

Is Your Business Fundable? Venture Capitalist Clive Butkow’s Shares His Priceless Insights

What criteria and character traits will make you and your business fundable? Tick the right boxes and that growth funding is yours.

How To Get Venture Capital

Learning how to get venture capital is an invaluable skill for the entrepreneur.

Venture Capital Definition

In order to come up with a venture capital definition that makes sense, we need to differentiate between venture capital funding and traditional funding.

The Myriad Benefits Of Venture Capital Investing

How you can benefit from Venture Capital investing. By: Zane Schalkwyk

Avoid These 7 Mistakes When Pitching to Big-Time VCs

While there is no universal answer as to how a startup successfully closes a great funding round, there are several issues that usually kill a VC's interest.

10 Evenings To Learn How To Start Your Business

Seed Engine, a Joburg- and Cape Town-based accelerator has launched Seed Academy, a school for entrepreneurship and precursor to the accelerator. It offers entrepreneurs access to corporate sponsored programmes.

Do This, Not That When Pitching to A VC

You’ve got between ten and 30 seconds at the beginning of your pitch to win your potential investor’s attention. Here’s how you do it.

11 Things You’re Probably Too Polite to Tell the VC Who Wasted Your Time

We’ve all seen the lists investors create outlining the lies they tell us.

Tapping into Africa’s massive VC potential

Understanding venture capitalists and what they want from you.

When To Turn Down Venture Capital

What you learn from Boostrapping a business.

(Video) How To Get That Venture Capitalist Meeting

A few helpful pointers for those in the start-up funding phase.

Why It’s Harder For Women to Raise VC Funds

There is gender bias in the start-up community. There is no doubt about it. Women currently hold only 4.2 percent of Fortune 500 CEO positions and 4.5 percent of Fortune 1000 CEO positions. And very few have founded a company to a billion dollar valuation.
Zombie-VC-Firm-Venture Capital-Funding

Zombie VC Firm Alert

If you don't see any activity for, say, the last five years, be wary. You could be looking at a firm that's dying a predetermined slow death.

Fund Your Growth

Do you believe you need external funding to grow, but that there’s no money available to business owners? You might be wrong on both counts.

Why VCs Often Turn Away Promising Investments

Advice on why venture capitalists turn away promising investments.

(Video) What Do Venture Capitalists Look For?

What you need to know to attract VC funding.
Steve-Case-Successful-Entrepreneurs-Are You Suited To Entrepreneurship

(Video) What Attracts VC and What Kills a Deal

Entrepreneur chats to venture capitalist Steve Case.


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