How to Guides

How to Guides

Focus your attention when it comes to growing your business.

There are numerous ways to value a business, but which one can help you arrive at a useful approximation — specifically if you want to sell your business.

A business model describes how a company creates, delivers and captures value. The directors of any company – big or small – must understand the business model and apply their minds in creating sustainable value through the way the business operates.

When it comes to selling a business there’s more to it than all the hours you have put into growing your business.

Whether you see it or not, culture is a big deal for several reasons.

Tips on providing customer service that will help you land new business again and again.

A 60-second business solution.

What do you do when your competitors change their prices? You have two choices: respond or ignore them.
Exit Sign

High-growth, successful businesses are a result of a number of factors, none more so than planning and beginning with the end in mind. Consider this three phase approach to potentially and dramatically raise the sales value of your business.
Expand-Your-Business-Growing a Business

Year 1: Define & refine what you do. Year 2: Expand your footprint. Year 4: Maximise profits & cash flow

A detailed 9-step roadmap to assist business owners avert failure in times of panic and desperation.

The downward spiral of a product has destroyed many a business. Learn what you can do to save declining products and create new ones.

Most million-dollar ideas are a complex combination of genius, timing and luck but here’s the good news – anyone can create an environment that is conducive to breakthrough thinking and innovation.
Performance metric graph

The process of using business performance metrics to understand and respond to what is happening in your business is imperative. You measure, report, adjust then measure, report, adjust again and the cycle is ongoing.

Use these six steps to bullet proof your business by uncovering its future preparing for multiple scenarios.

If you allow yourself to be tied down by small details, you'll never achieve the big picture vision for your company's future prosperity.

One of the primary reasons that smaller businesses fail to grow and to create attractive sustainable profits is that business owners and managers fall into the trap of working 'in' their businesses and fail to take the time or effort to work 'on' their businesses. Here's how to reverse this trend.


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