Starting an Import Business

Starting an Import Business

Freight Quotes: How to Interpret and Compare Them

All freight quotes can be broken down into the following basic sections.

4 Ways to Source Quality Products for Imports

Below are four ways to source a good quality product and therefore make it significantly easier to achieve success in trade.

5 Simple Steps to Importing into South Africa for Small Business Owners

At TNT, we often come across concerned small business owners who need some guidance around the basics of importing. The first step is simple – get the paperwork right.

Import Payment Options & Exchange Control

To pay for your goods, you will need to access foreign exchange.

Import Transport Logistics

Once you have organised payment terms for your goods, you will need to organise to get them either shipped or air freighted to South Africa.
Importing Stamp

Importing Documentation

There are various categories of documents required in international trade transactions. Not all are needed for all importation.
Imports from China

Importing from China

Chinese imports have a notoriously bad reputation. But that doesn’t mean every company in China produces substandard products.

Overcoming Importing Cash Flow Challenges

Cash flow often proves to be the biggest stumbling block for importers.

Research the Import Market

Research, research, research is to importing what location, location, location is to property.

Establishing Trading Relationships

As is often the case in business, deciding who you want to do business with is not easy.

Expert Advice on Importing

South African homeware importer and founder of Ethereal, Claire Smith, has this advice to share on how to operate a successful and streamlined import business.

Getting an Import Permit

You only need to get an import permit if you are importing certain types of goods.

Outlining Roles In Importing

When you’re dealing with somebody based in a remote location it is even more important than normal to clarify upfront exactly what roles each party is required to fulfil.

Getting Through Customs

Every importer needs to familiarise themselves with the customs procedure of clearing imported goods.


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