PR & Publicity

PR & Publicity

Below are a few fundamental messaging elements that directly impact the public image of your business.

Feeling like a complete fake and struggling to buy into your own PR? Relax. You’re not alone. Just about every entrepreneur feels this way. There’s even a name for it.

The pinnacle of employee engagement is a team that sincerely advocates for the brand.

Sending out an effective press release that gains traction is an art. Here’s how to prepare a release that will pique the interest of the media.

The laws of (PR and Media) attraction.

Your clothing communicates your brand, so what do you wear in a TV interview?

For those thinking about implementing thought leadership into their media strategy, here are three distinct advantages over traditional PR.

Getting the right product to market — and making megasales — starts with understanding what your market wants.

How should SMEs respond to negative reviews through social media and on sites like HelloPeter?
Small-Business-PR-Strategy-Publicity and Public Relations-Marketing

Small businesses need publicity to boost trade.

Despite being some of the most innovative people in our society, many entrepreneurs are still approaching their PR strategy with outdated, inefficient methods.

Reach your customers and build your brand.

In just 60-seconds, you will learn how to deal with the media and give them news while giving your company good buzz.

A celebrity endorsement can put your small business or product on the map, but getting a product in a celebrity's hands is just the start.

Think of a press release as your ticket to publicity.

Hiring a public-relations firm for your small business can be a difficult decision.

The latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, has hit theatres, setting box office records among the films in the franchise.

Nine options to grow your personal brand and business.
John Jantsch

In this video, small-business marketer John Jantsch lays out ways for using the new tools to reach out to the press.

Make the most of your time and PR budget by following this simple and effective method.


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