Ongoing Learning

Ongoing Learning

Considering Further Studies In 2017?

Finding the time (and budget) to study is a great challenge for most and it often means that reaching their full personal and business potential have to take a back seat.

Prepare For Tomorrow… Today

Upskill, reskill and become multi-skilled to build a workforce with future-proof skills.

The 10 Best Online Courses You Can Enroll In Today for R200

From public speaking to app development to building a personal brand with Gary Vaynerchuk, these courses are too good to pass by.

Become A Master Of Entrepreneurship Through Wits Business School

The Wits Business School’s Centre for Entrepreneurship is a hub of learning and development, providing a critical foundation for entrepreneurial success.

10 Habits That Help You Learn Twice As Fast

The quickest way to get smarter is to learn how to learn faster.

Deon Herbst Of Enterprises University Of Pretoria On The Importance Of Ongoing Learning

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably pretty busy, but you need to make time for self-development and ongoing learning. Enterprises University of Pretoria CEO Deon Herbst explains why.

Fundamentals Of Business Project Management

Gain a solid grounding in the basic project management disciplines that can be adapted to suit projects of any size or complexity. Complete projects to meet the needs of business stakeholders while controlling time and budget.

Embrace The Shift In Professional Training And Skills Development

Get access to a world of training possibilities with an app that does the work for you.

Finance For Non-Financial Managers

Are you looking to demystify financial jargon, participate in financial discussions and play an active role in the achievement of your organisation’s financial objectives?

An MBA for Free?

Here’s how to earn an MBA for free – if you really want to, that is.

Why Are Working Professionals Returning To Studying?

Want a competitive edge in the career landscape? A personal commitment to lifelong learning is the way forward.

6 Must-See Motivational Videos on YouTube

Watch these and get the jolt you need to catapult you into action.

How Staying Smart Means Staying Ahead

Keep ahead of the business pack with continual learning.

12 Highly Useful Skills You Can Learn in a Minute

Everyone loves a good life hack, especially if it's super quick to pick up. While one minute may not seem like a lot of time...

Why You Should Strive to Be a Lifelong Learner

In an ever-changing market and world, it's more important than ever to stay current, competitive and up to date.

Feed Me Seymour! Are You Feeding Your Brain Enough?

To ensure we stay ahead of the curve and be leaders, we must feed our brain. What does that mean? Well simply to say that you should spend at least 30 minutes, if not an hour, every day in investing in yourself.

Why Jogging Your Memory Means Moving Your Feet

If you want to be smarter, you’ve got to exercise. No excuses.

2 Critical Things You Need to Know about Web Training for Your Online Business

In this third installment, they consider something most people never think about: the importance of training.

What’s E-Learning Got To Do With It?

Why E-learning can Improve Labour Relations in the Mining Sector

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