Self Development

Self Development

Are Toxic Habits Holding You Back?

Consider these changes to set you on a winning path.

How To Double Your Desired Income In the Next 6 Months

Peter Voogd breaks down how to push yourself to success and the importance of persistence.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Brain At Work

The ways in which you can improve your brain’s physical health to boost your performance at work (and outside of it) fall into 5 broad categories: Rest, fuel, hydration, oxygenation and mindfulness, or simplification.

Think It. Become It. How Your Thoughts Have Power Over Your Destiny

Most high-performers know one very big secret: Words — especially the ones we tell ourselves — have tremendous power. Want to change your business, your life, your diet? It all starts with a single thought.

12 Entrepreneurs Share The Books They Always Recommend

Just in time for the holiday season, entrepreneurs tell us the books they always tell others to read.

Purposeful Work: The Six Barriers To Fulfilment In The Workplace

If this is the case, then why do so many individuals go to work without purpose?

Woke Up With A Dark Cloud Today? Read These 10 Pieces Of Inspiration From...

If you're looking for inspiration before you start the new year - these quotes will get you there.

5 Vital Keys To Success From The Likes Of Tony Robbins And Gary Vaynerchuk

When closely studying successful people, you realise that each story is unique. But they do share similar perspectives. Here’s what the truly successful share — and how you can emulate them.

10 Ways To Stay Inspired For Life

Inspiration is the antidote for the grind of building a business and the foundation of a healthy work-life balance.

How To Maintain Energy In Your Relationship In 2017

An entrepreneur works best with the lights on at home. We all do. Sound relationships provide an enabling springboard into each day and if we get it right, we can start the way we intend to finish. With optimal energy in the tank.

8 Mindsets That Will Set You On The Path To Success

Open up to new ways of thinking and you'll achieve the positive mindset critical to success.

10 Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal The Books That Changed Their Lives

These founders tell us about the books that influenced their way of thinking about life and work.

Eccentric Habits Of 7 Geniuses That Make You Smarter

From Albert Einstein to JK Rowling - these eccentric habits will make you rethink your success strategy.

Why You Should Be Breaking All The (Recruitment) Rules

Vittee advises all business owners and HR managers to read the book First Break All the Rules by Curt Coffman and Marcus Buckingham.

Spring Clean Out These 9 No-Good Entrepreneur Habits for Start-Up Success

Are you guilty of one or more of these nine bad entrepreneurial habits? Well, you aren’t the only one, but these prosperous entrepreneurs have circumvented these challenges and found start-up success.

5 Inspiring Quotes From Madiba

In honour of Mandela's 95th birthday, here are 5 of his most inspiring quotes.

5 Qualities Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Brian Tracy shares the top five traits that all entrepreneurs must have to succeed.

Mark Cuban: ‘You Only Have To Be Right Once’

The billionaire entrepreneur talked with Arianna Huffington about politics, business and success at New York Advertising Week.

10 Stupid Mistakes Smart People Make

IQ only gets you so far. The rest of success is avoiding missteps (see below) and then simply showing up and starting.


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