Property Investment

Property Investment

Property Demand Exceeds Supply

Property gives returns in proportion to your knowledge.

Value in a Downturn

Global property deserves serious consideration.

Using Property to Grow Your Business

The interest rate cut is a good boost for the economy, but banks are still not likely to relax on lending.

The Rules of Property

Mark Corbett, CEO of Century Properties says forget stocks and bonds – rather save and invest in property.

Stable Returns

The key to successfully investing in property is to understand what to invest in.

Land Ownership and the Free Market

The concept of private ownership of property has again come under the spotlight.

Start Early, Retire Rich

What your kids never learnt in life skills class.

Investing in Property

Which is the best vehicle through which to purchase a property?

The Truth About Property

What do people really think about property?

The 20 Mile Rule

Disciplined property investors should not focus on business cycles, but on yield and cash flow.

Use Other People’s Money

Most property investment articles are really about investing money, but how much do you really need to get started?

Buying on Auction

Following five key lessons when buying on auction will ensure you get the most from your investment.

Following the Smart Money

In 2004 one in every four buyers in South Africa was buying a property for investment purposes. But if property is such a good investment, why don’t the likes of Old Mutual or Sanlam build \or invest in apartment blocks like they did in the 1970s?

Learning from Failures

Six fundamental rules about property investment that I have learnt the hard way.

Residential Property: Hot or Not?

Is the state of the property market as bad as we think?
Ivor Jones and Dean Jones

‘Real’ Investments

Ivor Jones and son Dean Jones share their insights into high-end property investments.

Sound Investing Starts at Home

Owning your own home is the first step towards becoming a retirement superhero.


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