Sales Confidence

Sales Confidence

How To Immediately Connect With Anyone

Too many people succumb to the mistaken belief that connecting with people is an innate skill that belongs only to the lucky few.

The Personalities You Should Engage To Be Better At Sales

Sales people are generally very sociable, but to be great at sales you need to do more than just be good at talking to people.

The Best-Kept Secret of Entrepreneurial Sales: Be Yourself

Another secret: Sales is a lot like dating. No, really.

How Do You Sell Yourself, Not Just Your Services?

Let’s briefly talk about selling yourself.

4 Ways That Learning Sales Can Help You Reach Your Goal of Success

Embrace sales as a 'service,' and learn what four business masters have said on the subject.

The 15 Characteristics of People Who Succeed at Sales

A true salesperson has the following characteristics that they use consistently to succeed in making those important sales.

Vespa SA’s Andy Reid on How to Master B2C Sales

With a background in B2B business, Andy Reid, founder of Vespa South Africa, learnt some quick lessons when he launched the much-loved brand in South Africa.

Show Genuine Interest in the Customer

Sales tip from the trainer: Show genuine interest in the customer

First Impressions Account for 75% of Sales

Sales tip from the trainer: how to make a positive first impression

(Video) Do You Have The Mindset Of A Winner?

Find out if you are naturally successful.

How To Make A Personal Connection With Customers

It isn’t always enough to create and promote an outstanding product or service. Often, your sales approach matters just as much.

9 Sales Tips For Introverts

Meet me at a party and I won't have a lot to say. Sit next to me on a cross-country flight and I may not say a word to you the entire trip.

How to Sell Without Feeling Sleazy

The ability to sell - whether it’s an idea, product or service - is crucial to business success, but what can you do when you're not "the selling type"?
Adjust Your Sales Attitude

How Your Attitude Can Win You Sales

While great products can attract business, your attitude determines whether customers buy from you or not.

(Slideshow) 60 Seconds to Making a Good Impression

In just 60-seconds,we'll show you how to make a first impression to get the business you're waiting for.
Sales Rejections

How to Make the Most of a Sales Rejection

Rejection has probably destroyed the careers of more salespeople than any other single thing.
Negative-Thinking-Sales Confidence-Sales

(Video) Thoughts that are Killing Your Sales

Tips for combating negative thoughts.
Sales Motivation Notes

(Video) Create and Sustain Selling Motivation

Expert advice on motivation during the sales process.
Ivan Misner

(Video) Fear of Rejection

Ivan Misner on the fear of rejection and how to overcome it.

Sell Yourself to Prospects

Is your introduction ready? Learn how to sell yourself to prospects in six simple steps.


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