Sales Prospecting

Sales Prospecting

Here’s Your Next Move When Your Customer Says ‘No’

To avoid taking 'no' for an answer, rephrase the question.

Understand Your Customer Before You Sell To Them

The primary purpose of any business owner or marketing professional is to attract and retain profitable customers.

“So There We Were…”

Every business has at least one success story. Whatever business you are in, from web design to selling socks, you have stories just waiting to be told.

5 Research-Backed Strategies To Increase Your Sales Revenues

Most businesses put too much emphasis on generating web traffic and not enough on optimising for conversion.

Three Ways To Improve Your Lead Generation

There’s no easy way to put it: The economy stinks and sales are harder than ever to come by.

6 Tips For Converting Leads Into Clients

These easy-to-follow strategies will help you turn those eager prospects into happy customers.

A Good Sales Script Can Transform Your Business

Your sales people are the face of your company to your customers, and sales scripts can be a useful tool in ensuring that the customer experience is a consistent one.

Your Customers’ ‘Why’ Is More Important Than Their ‘Want’

Stop trying to figure out what your customers want. Figure out why they want.

How To Hit Your Sales Targets

Your company consistently makes sales target, but only with real effort and ingenuity. You set targets that continually stretch you and your people to greater heights and these targets are almost always met or just exceeded. Congratulations, you are running a near ideal company.

Converting Leads Into Sales

Can you identify the flag that indicates a prospect is ready to buy? This is vital if you want to close more deals.
Herschel Oppel

How Herschel Oppel Leveraged His Job Connections to Boost His Start-Up Sales

When Herschel Oppel left his senior position at Platinum Group to launch his own start-up, he knew that the secret to his success would be his ability to access CEOs at major retailers.

How To Effectively Nurture Leads Earned into Deals Closed

Companies need to be part of that conversation or risk being left behind to fight for the scraps.

3 Easy Strategies to Nail Your Business Referrals

Nail referrals with these easy strategies.

10 Ways to Quickly Generate Leads

Customers want the experts and the company that is the best in their industry. Focus on communicating that through your branding and your conversion rates will go up, resulting in more leads.

(Video) Qualify Prospects Using These Three Questions

How to be sure that you are talking to the right person.

Conquering the Customer Challenge

This is an excerpt from The Startup Owner's Manual, a recently published step-by-step guide for building companies.
Get-Paid-More-Startup Advice-Starting a Business

(Video) Get Paid More for What You Do

How to stop selling yourself short.

How to Recognise Which Customers Are Bad for Business

How to avoid the effects of a bad customer.

Dealing with Big Corporates

Loren Morais, GM of Operations and Supplier Management at Eqstra Fleet Management Services, reveals the things she looks for when choosing SME suppliers.

Get your Prospecting Back on Track

Don’t let fear or complacency get in the way of prospecting for new customers.


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