Sales Strategy & Management

Sales Strategy & Management

It’s Sell Or Die Because Sales Are The Lifeblood Of Every Company

It may not be brain surgery, but done right, sales is a practice like medicine or any other profession. Learn it. Practice it.

The Sales That Really Count

Sales are great (and very necessary), but they’re not worth much if customers don’t pay. Here’s what to consider when it comes to customer agreements.

It’s All About Accountability For Sales Managers

Leaders who deliver accurate forecasts will rise through the ranks thanks to accountability.

How To Determine The True Value Of A Customer

You can boost profits by focusing on the lifetime value of customers. Here’s how to look at the real value of a client.

8 Shopping Habits Of Millennials All Retailers Need To Know About

A new study about the path to purchase habits of younger shoppers offers merchants an opportunity to be more competitive this holiday season.

Customer Base Or New Business?

How should you deploy sales and marketing resources to ensure the best returns?

How Smart Managers Drive Profits

Managers can have a massive influence on your bottom line, so how do you ensure that you appoint the right lieutenants?

What SA Entrepreneurs are Doing Wrong

South Africa boasts great entrepreneurial spirit, but when it comes to turning great ideas into a great business, local entrepreneurs often drop the ball. So, why, SA entrepreneurs, is it so hard to do business with you?

Dealing With Sales Disputes

Despite what the old adage says, the customer isn’t always right. But then again, neither are employees and sales people. So how does one deal with sales disputes in a firm yet respectful manner?

Transform your Business into a Rocketing Sales Machine

Turn your whole company into an enthusiastic unit that aids and promotes your sales.

What the Big Boys Can Learn From Your Small Fry Start-Up

What the big business should be learning from you... yes you.

The No. 1 Tip for Getting Lost Sales Back To Your Website

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can get lost sales back to your website using something called remarketing.

The Top 5 Ecommerce Trends You Should Look Out For

This year could be huge: Improving the customer experience is key.

Overcome Sales Objections By Discovering the Need the Buyer Hasn’t Realised

A few things are likely to happen during product pitches that are delivered without doing any need development research before talking to the buyers.

How to Give Your Sales Strategy the Winning Edge

A sales plan that will sky-rocket your profits.

How to Win Back Lost Customers

Here are 5 tips to winning back your customers.

Sales Tip From the Trainer: Like the Customer – Win the Customer

Aspects such as these can be helpful if you want to accept your customer as they are and offer them professional advice.

5 Ways to Dazzle and Delight Your Customers This Holiday Season

Do you have a plan in place to make sure your customers will give you their business this December?

Sales Tip From the Trainer: Use Their Own Words

You should listen carefully when customers are talking about product requirements.

Master the Art of the Cluster Sell and Dominate Your Industry

There's only one way for software vendors to dominate the ultraprise world: mastering the cluster sell.


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