Hiring Employees

Hiring Employees

The 5 Traits (Some Surprising) I Look For When Hiring New Workers

Think you want a "yes man" (or "yes woman") as your next next employee? Actually, you don't.

5 Smart Ways Entrepreneurs Can Spot Promising Potential Hires

Looking for your next great hire? Use these tips to find the right person.

4 Strategies To Build Trust – Through Trusting Your Team

When you’re building a business, you can’t do it without an exceptional team, and great teams are built on trust. Here’s how to let go so that people can excel at their jobs.

5 Smart Ways Entrepreneurs Can Spot Promising Potential Hires

Looking for your next great hire? Use these tips to find the right person.

Hiring Tip: Ask About The Candidate, Don’t Talk About The Position

If someone applies to work for you, you don't have to try to sell them in the interview.

5 Ways Your Small Business Will Benefit From Hiring Interns

This group of fresh or soon-to-be-graduates is the future of your workforce.

Finding Your Staffing Partner

Preshene Batohi, Sales Director of Workforce Staffing calls out the most important factors when deciding on a staffing partner.

Hiring Your First Employee? 5 Things You Need To Know

You're finally letting someone else infiltrate the walls of your company, and you'll have to assume the role of that person's boss. Don't panic.

3 Types Of Employees You Don’t Need

Here are three types of employees you definitely don’t want or need in your business.

10 Hacks To Hire Your Next Best Talent

When scaling up your business, hiring the right people becomes more crucial than ever. But it isn’t easy. Here are ten hacks for recruiting people who can grow with your company.

4 Tips On Hiring In A Small Business

Any subsequent new hires will learn to conduct themselves in line with this corporate culture, so I have included four tips, below, in aid of helping you get it right first time.

You’re In Trouble If You Ignore These 5 Applicant Red Flags

Bad hires can damage your reputation along with your bottom line.

7 Character Traits That The Best Employees Share

Do you spend 'upwards of 100 hours' mulling over a new hire? This contributing writer does.

The 5 People You Need In Your Start-up

Your first five hires will hugely impact your business' future. It is critically important to get those first hires right.

How To Determine ‘Bad Fits’ During The Hiring Process

The CEO of Bounce Exchange has an unorthodox tactic he uses during the interview process to weed out the bad apples.

The Key To Hiring The Best Employees

Low turnover, better corporate culture and extreme longevity are benefits of tapping the best workers.

Free Job Description Template Download

A job description is a list that a person might use to describe the general tasks, functions and responsibilities inherent in a position. It defines a person’s role within the company as well as his or her accountability.

Dr John Demartini On Hiring The Right People

You need to ensure that the vision of a prospective employee aligns with that of the company, says Dr John Demartini.

How To Speed Up Your Hiring To Find Valuable Talent Now

What are you doing to nab that 'purple squirrel'?

Why Everyone Hates Onboarding (and How to Make Everyone Love It)

In a recent survey, 91 percent of managers said their organisations did not do onboarding well. Isn't it time for a change?


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