Increasing Productivity

Increasing Productivity

3 Ways Workplace Gamification Can Backfire – And How To Avoid Them

Work hard, play hard, as the saying goes. But what if working feels more like playing? Enter one of the biggest trends of the year: Gamification in the workplace

As Your Culture Goes, So Goes Your Company

Society tolerates behaviors inimical to the wellbeing of your company.

4 Key Principles For Building A Team You Can Trust

Making the shift from managing your vision to executing it requires handing the operational reigns of your business over to your employees. Here’s how you make the leap.

Fighting Sleep Is A Losing Management Strategy. Let Your Employees Take Naps

An exhausted employee who naps is unproductive for a few minutes. One who doesn't nap is unproductive all day.

Lifestyle-Focused Work Environments Are Not Just For Millennials

How the right office space can improve productivity, happiness and work-place engagement.

Is Sitting the New Smoking?

You might have heard people say that “sitting is the new smoking”, but do you know what that actually means for you and your employees?

Daily Practices for Cultivating a Positive Work Culture to Support Your Business

Cultivating a positive work culture doesn’t have an end date. It requires ongoing commitment from all team members – irrespective of level – to step up, inspire and be true brand ambassadors. This starts with you, the leader.

3 Unique Paths To Improving Office Productivity

Don't make your employees work longer – incentivise them to work better.

Boost Your Bottom Line With Better Office Chairs

Discomfort and pain could be the reason your staff’s performance isn’t at its peak.

Is The Future Of Amazon A Store Staffed With 3 People?

Is the future of retail, three staff members and an army of robots? There are already plans in the works at Amazon to put this into action.

7 Team Building Ideas To Create An Engaged Team

Below is a list of ideas of team building events that are sure to keep your employees engaged.

Why Employee Engagement Programmes Backfire And What You Can Do About It

To create true engagement among employees, leadership teams need to first understand what employees want.

How To Know If You’re Focusing On The Wrong Types Of Staff Skill Enhancement

Inhibiting your employees’ sense of purpose can obliterate team morale or job satisfaction. It’s the death knell for productivity and overall profitability for any business.

3 Sure Fire Ways To Improve Efficiency And Find Your Business’s Productivity Sweet Spot

Here are a few tried and trusted tips that massively improved our team's’ productivity, while giving more control, and will do the same for you.

Top Recruiting Hacks To Get A-Players And 10X Your Business

“The ultimate throttle on growth… is the speed at which you can get and keep A-Players” – Jim Collins.

Keep An Eye Out For Toxic Employees

Don’t let negative employees hamper your start-up’s growth. Your people should be a competitive advantage, not a disadvantage.

Zappo’s Customer Service Excellence Comes Down To Company Culture

What’s Zappo’s secret to success? According to the company’s CEO, Tony Hsieh, the difference is customer service, which all comes down to company culture.

What Happened To The Workplace? How To Make It More Human

It's easy for organisations to strip out the human element of every process. Make sure that at your company you keep it in.


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