Labour Complexity

Labour Complexity

Time Is Money – And The Labour Law Is Clear On That

As CRS Technologies explains all overtime is voluntary and may only be worked by agreement between employer and employee.

Have To Terminate An Employee? Here Are 5 Best Practices

Important points include minimising the departing staffer's embarrassment – and keeping an eye on his or her actual departure.

How To Survive When A Key Employee Leaves Your Company

Here are four ways to ensure that when a key leader moves on, your team will be able to deal with the transition.

Dealing With Employee Misconduct

Practical guidelines for effective and fair disciplinary enquiries.

4 Reasons Why Your Best Employees Leave for New Opportunities

Keep good people for the long term by helping them on their career paths, offering profit sharing and promoting from within.

Are Restraints of Trade Enforceable? Ivan Israelstam Gives Key Answers

If an employee resigns to move to a rival business, can you get a court interdict to prevent them from working for the competitor?

How to Deal With Difficult People

Everyone’s got ‘that guy.’ You know, the one you envision punching in the face daily. Here’s how to deal with them without a lawsuit or getting fired.

Time For Smes To Get Tough On Payroll Fraud

Payroll fraud hurts the bottom-line at many South African businesses, with SMEs suffering the most from this form of white-collar crime.

6 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety Without Going Broke

A strong demand for safe work practices by senior leadership can mean the difference between success and failure.

Protecting Employees

Business owners are legally responsible for their employees. What systems do you have in place?

Calculating Annual Leave

Annual leave calculations: getting it right every time.

Good HR Management is a Keystone of Success

The benefits of a streamlined, comprehensive HR and payroll system are far-reaching.

Legally Compliant Usage Of Labour Brokers

Changing labour law will impact entrepreneurs in many different industries.

How New Legislation Affects Labour Brokers & Contractors

Changing labour law will impact entrepreneurs in many different industries.

Dealing With Dismissals For Misconduct

What constitutes fair dismissal? It’s a question that causes major headaches for entrepreneurs because the goalposts are constantly shifting. But a new set of guidelines may change that.

Contracts of Employment

Taking on staff is a sign that your business is growing and flourishing, but it is certainly not without its risks.

You’re Dismissed

Face it: part of your job is relieving others of theirs. How do you do it right?

Dealing With Workplace Conflict

You won’t need boxing gloves, but you’ll want to jump into conversations about conflict as soon as you can.

Preventing Employee Theft

It is estimated that employee theft accounts for 50% to 70% of all workplace crime.

Managing Family Business

Working with family can be tricky. Follow these tips to keep it professional.


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