Are You Suited to Entrepreneurship

Are You Suited to Entrepreneurship

Remote Freelance Work: 4 Myths You Should Be Aware Of

Below are 4 myths about remote freelance workers and the realities that debunk them.

Is Entrepreneurship Dying In SA

No says Darlene Menzies – but we have some lessons to learn.

In The Eye Of Failure – Would You Run

Anyone who has ever thrown their hat into the entrepreneurial ring knows just what a gamble it can be. The failure statistics are scary, but what is the solution?

22 Defining Entrepreneur Characteristics

While the world’s great entrepreneurs may appear to be unique and their realms of innovation worlds apart, they actually share entrepreneur characteristics, and so might you. Do you think you’ve got the characteristics of an entrepreneur? Read on to see what they are.

Success Feels Magical But How Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Dreams Is All Common Sense

The techniques are known, but no one can make you use them. Here, root through the toolbox once more and rekindle the need to become great.

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Unknowingly Self-Sabotage

Successful people look for what they do that isn't working so they change it.

How To Overcome 5 Excuses That Kill Entrepreneurship

Sometimes what's stopping you is you: Telling the difference between caution and fear, between addressing risks and making them up.

The 5 Most Common Excuses Of Wannabe Entrepreneurs

There are ample resources and opportunities for you to take your ideas to the next level. All that's left is for you to take them!

Greatness: What Do Sport & Business Have In Common?

That way they think, the way they prepare, how they work and live has produced a set of characteristics we can strive to attain as follows.

12 Reasons Entrepreneurs With Type-A Personalities Are Unstoppable

Driven type A or laid-back type B? Which one are you?

3 Ways to Transform From Dime a Dozen to Cream of the Crop

It is still possible to rise to the top in this world of too much talent, too few dream jobs. Here's how.

5 Reasons Why You’ve Failed as an Entrepreneur

Don't be afraid to invest in yourself, do the right things and cross that finish line next time around.

7 Books (and Blogs) for the Entrepreneur in All of Us

Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, employee number two at a startup or someone who enjoys the challenge of solving problems, there is likely an entrepreneurial spirit in you.

6 Attributes of Great Entrepreneurs

It's impossible to nail down what makes most people successful, but they usually have a few common themes.

8 Reasons Young Entrepreneurs, or the Young at Heart, Lead the Way

Young people are more accustomed to facing a new world each day, so they don't worry about it, and usually actually relish the new adventure.

Enter The Venture to Win Competition

Chivas are looking for exceptional start-ups that use business innovatively to transform communities and solve global challenges. Whatever it is, if it's brilliant and can create real, positive change then Chivas want to hear from you.

7 Character Traits Every Entrepreneur Can Cultivate

Do you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur? Cultivate these traits to become a great achiever.

Why Being So Serious Could Slay Your Start-Up

Are all the life-changing start-up decisions you’re facing stopping you from just getting on with it?

Be Your Own Boss: 3 Easy Hacks

These three hacks will get you moving towards starting your own business.

How to Survive Your First 1 001 Days as a Start-Up

Santam has embarked on a ‘1001 Days’ initiative to help you survive the first three years of being in business.


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