Business Model

Business Model

4 Types Of Business Models

There are four main types of business models, see which one suits your business concept.

Keeping It Simple

Are you struggling to convey your brilliant business ideas to others? Try simplifying your explanation to the point where a six-year-old would understand it.

Are You the Next Vanilla Ice (aka a One-Hit-Wonder)?

When starting your business, make sure that your idea has legs. If not, you’ll quickly be forgotten. The business world has its fair share of one-hit wonders.

The Top Business Models For Your New Start-Up Business

A business model explains which customer need or want your start-up chooses to fulfil; why your solution works better than competing ones and what your potential customers will be willing to pay for such a solution.

How the Publicity Business Model Boosted their Profitability

Follow Andrea Desfarge's fledgling PR agency, Publicity's, risk-reward model to boost your business profitability

How Laudable Takes Online Shopping from Average to Exceptional

Laudable takes online shopping to a whole new level using its customers to spread the word on great products on offer. Here's how co-founders Ian Marvin and Haydn von Maltitz captured the online market.

10 Businesses You Can Start From Your Smartphone

That’s right; your dream of entrepreneurship begins today. All you need is a smartphone, some airtime and data, and the world is your oyster.

How Earth Probiotic is Turning Your Waste Dump into a Goldmine

Up to 50% of food produced globally goes to waste. Local business, Earth Probiotic, and husband and wife team Karen and Gavin Heron have diverted over 550 tons from landfills by converting it into compost.

Xola Ndziba: Lean Start-up Approach to Limu

Graduate applies lean start-up methodology to leverage the upward trend in online learning.

(Video) The Value of Validating Your Business Model

Need-to-know advice before you take your business further.
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How To Be A First-Mover

How to create a business model to compete with new technologies.
Business-Model-Innovation-Business Models-Video

(Video) Business Model Innovation

How to be more innovative when it comes to your business model.
Muhammed-Yunus-Social-Business Model-Video

(Video) The Social Business Model

How we can start addressing social issues through entrepreneurship.

Position your SME for Success

Defining your business model is step one to getting your SME positioned for success.

Radical Business Model Innovation

Get ready to abandon outmoded thinking and embrace new, innovative models of value creation.
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Make your Competition Irrelevant

Use the right strategies to deliver on customer needs and stand out from the competition.
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Developing a Stable Business Model

Develop a successful business model by evaluating these six aspects .
Stand out from the competition.

Differentiate from the Competition

The best marketing strategy identifies unmet needs, and then delivers on them.
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Move Ideas from One Business to Another

Looking for the next big business idea? You might find it in an industry other than your own.

Exploiting Trends

How to leverage trends to introduce new ideas and boost the value of your business.


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