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How to Guides

How To Recognise The Only Business Idea That’s Right For You To Start

The only company right for you to start is the company that you will love to run.

Enterprise Development Programmes For Black Entrepreneurs

As small businesses in South Africa are recognised as a driving force for economic growth and creation of jobs, enterprise development programmes offered by government and corporates offer black entrepreneurs the opportunity to find support and training to further develop their small businesses.

How To Become A (Successful) Entrepreneur

It’s easy to be an entrepreneur. Quit your job and start a company. Boom! You’re an entrepreneur. It’s also easy to be poor. Being an entrepreneur is not about quitting your job and starting a company. It’s about making money.

7 Quick Tips for Redesigning Your Company Logo (Infographic)

Change doesn't have to be complicated. Simply tweak the old to ring in the new. Here's how.

9 Lessons You Won’t Learn In Business School

Do you up your business acumen through course work, or go out there and get experience? Either way, it’s how you conduct yourself in the work place that really counts.

How To Be 100% Sure Your Start-Up Will Have Customer Value

How to develop and evaluate your start-up’s value proposition.

From Oprah to the Kardashians: 6 Celebrity-Inspired Business Lessons

Here are six lessons that you can learn from some of the hottest celebrities around:

Top Tips on How to Flip a House

Remember that the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish you’ll catch.

Too Much? Too Little? How to Set Fees for Your New Consulting Business

Tips to help you decide how much you should charge your clients so you earn a profit but aren't price gouging them.

How to Find and Work With Suppliers

Whether you're looking for raw materials for manufacturing or finished products to resell, this guide will help you find and forge great relationships with suppliers.

How to Find the Right Business Opportunity

Finding the right business opportunity depends on two important questions to ask yourself: Is there a gap in the market? And am I the right person to fill the gap?

How to Build and Refine a Business Model

A business model is a description of how a business makes money. Here's what your business model needs to deliver on in order to ensure the venture is profitable.

How To Market and Sell a New Offering

So you’ve identified a gap in the market and created a product or service to fill that gap. You’ve established a business to produce the product or deliver the service and you’ve worked out an innovative way to finance your new venture. The final and most important link in the chain is to get some customers and make some sales.


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